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Book of Faith Bible Study

Book of Faith Logo“Book of Faith” is an initiative of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America to engage Christians in thoughtful, deep, and consistent conversation with Holy Scripture.

As a “Book of Faith” congregation, Lutheran Church of Honolulu is committed to energizing our ministry and our mission by engaging scripture through study, prayer, conversation, music, and art. Examples of this commitment include devotions and study by the Congregational Council before each meeting, a weekly Book of Faith Bible Study, selection of worship music and anthems that help “tell the story” of the appointed Biblical readings, and lectionary-based preaching.

During the next year we are encouraging every ministry, committee, and task-force of the congregation to include the reading and study of scripture as part of their time together. Join us as we committ ourselves to fluency in the “first language of our faith”—Holy Scripture.

The Book of Faith Bible Study meets each Thursday at 10:00 AM in the Boardroom.

2009 Bible Study Schedule
DateTopicBible Lesson
2/12 Cain’s murder of Abel Genesis 4:1–16
2/19 Noah’s Ark Genesis 6–9
2/26 The Tower of Babel Genesis 11:1–9
3/5 God tells Abram he will have many children Genesis 15
3/12 Abraham and Lot Genesis 13–14, 18–19
3/19 Joseph Genesis 37, 39–46
3/26 Moses and the burning bush Exodus 3
4/2 The Plagues, Exodus from Egypt, and Crossing the Red Sea Exodus 10–14
4/2 Wandering in the Wilderness Numbers 15–21
4/9 The Maundy of Jesus, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ John 13:1–15, Mark 11, 12
4/16 The Easter Story Various Texts
4/23 Ruth Ruth
4/30 King Saul 1 Samuel 9–11, 12–13, 15, 18–19, 23–24
5/7 David and Goliath, Jonathan, and Bathsheba 1 Samuel 16, 17, 1 Samuel 20, 2 Samuel 11–12
5/14 The Woman Who Committed Adultery John 8:1–11
4/30 Esther Esther
5/7 Jonah Jonah
5/14 Daniel and the King’s Dream & Daniel and the Lion’s Den Daniel 1, 2 & Daniel 6
6/4 The birth of Christ Matthew 1; Luke 2
6/11 The visit of the Magi Matthew 2
6/18 Jesus’ baptism Matthew 3:13–17
6/25 Jesus is tempted by Satan Luke 4:1–13
7/2 Jesus calls Peter and Andrew John 1:35–51
7/9 Jesus eats with sinners Matthew 9:9–13
7/16 John the Baptist’s last days and death Matthew 11:2–19
7/23 Jesus feeds the five thousand Matt. 14; Mark 6; Luke 9; John 6
7/30 The healing of Bartimaeus & Jesus heals ten lepers Mathew 20:29–34 & Luke 17:11–19
8/6 The raising of Lazarus John 11–12
8/13 Ananius and Sapphira Acts 5
8/20 Paul’s conversion & The last years of Paul’s life Acts 6:8–8:1, 9:1–31 & Acts 24–28
8/27 Philemon Philemon

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