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Summer Renovation Work

Monday, July 24

As promised, the contractors got right to work on Monday, July 24.

In the kitchen, they took out one section of the windows in order to install the new range hood, put up the first sections of the stainless steel wall covering, and started the rewiring work.

The first few panels of stainless steel have been put up and one set of windows removed. Rewiring has begun.

Men’s rest room with “green board” installed.
In the rest rooms, moisture-resistant “green board” was installed so textured walls can be put in.

Scored concrete that will be broken up for the new ramp.
Using a concrete saw, they scored the area above the old ramp so it could be broken up.

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Tuesday, July 25

More panels up in the kitchen, more wiring work done.
More stainless steel panels are up, and more of the wiring work has been done. Towards the left side of the picture, the old water heater is being drained so it can be removed.

The rubble left from a day of jack hammering.
All day Tuesday, the jack hammers broke up the scored concrete and the old stairs, making room for the new ramp.

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Wednesday, July 26

In the kitchen, they filled in the open window with heavy plywood to hold the new range hood, the electrician made more progress with the rewiring work, and the old water heater was removed.

The window space has been filled in to hold the range hood. More work with the rewiring.

The rest room floors have been taken down a little to prepare for the new tile.
In the rest rooms, they used the jack hammers to take down the floor so the drains sit nicely in the new tile floor.

The ramp area is cleaned up and blocks put down for the sides of the new ramp.
They cleared away all of the rubble and began the actual construction of the ramp.

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Thursday, July 27

In the kitchen, most of the stainless steel panel have been installed, the main electric wiring has been completed, and the new ceiling lights are up. With all of this done, they did a good cleaning and began preparing for painting.

One of the new ceiling lights with the new circuit box. Roy Helms preparing for painting

The curbs in place, they are ready to pour concrete.
They cleaned up more of the mess and prepared the curbs for the ramp. Now they are ready to pour concrete.

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Friday, July 28

The primer coat one the kitchen walls.
Some of our volunteers came in on Friday to do a primer coat in the kitchen.

The concrete for the ramp has been poured.
The concrete was poured on Friday.

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Saturday, July 29

The painting crew hard at work.
The Saturday crew got right to work painting the walls and all the trim.

Randy Castello touching up the walls Bill Fay painting window trim Pastor Steve Jensen painting one of the cabinets

Another project for Saturday was making sure the old appliances were cleaned up for the renovated kitchen.

Judie Boutá cleaning the stove Bob Tellander cleaning one of the refrigerators Dori Palcovich shows off a cleaned refrigerator

Roy Helms spray painting one of the counters
They also painted the galvanized legs of some of the counters.

Dori Palcovich and Mary Jo Estes wash down the bench in the courtyard.
And before they left, our faithful crew made sure everything was clean for church.

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Sunday, July 30

Jim Sullivan and Francisco Barajas putting down the linoleum
Sunday afternoon, Jim and Francisco came in to put down the linoleum flooring in the kitchen.

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Monday, July 31

Jim and Francisco finished almost all of the kitchen floor on Sunday, so work could go ahead on Monday with the installation of the last stainless steel panels, the exhaust hood for the stove (below, left), and a small shelf over the spot where the sink will be installed. The custom-fabricated set of shelves for the pass through into Isenberg was also delivered (below, right).

The newly installed stove hood The custom-fabricated shelf unit to fit under the pass through to Isenberg

The leveling concrete has been poured, and the tile will begin to go down soon.
In the rest rooms, they poured the leveling concrete as they get closer to actually laying tile.

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Tuesday, August 1

In the kitchen floor on Sunday, they installed the stainless sink (below, left), finished up with the exhaust hood for the stove, and began putting in the air conditioner (below, right).

The new stainless steel sink is in place, and they have started with the hand sink. They finished off the exhaust hood for the stove and began to put in the air conditioner

They are getting closer to laying tile
In the rest rooms, they continued with preparations for laying tile.

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Wednesday, August 2

The contractors rolled in the custom-made counter for the space under the pass through
In the kitchen, the contractors rolled in the the custom-made counter for the space under the pass through...

The counter under the pass through securely in place
...and secured it in place.

All the sinks in place and the plumbing done
They also finished up the plumbing.

painting in the restrooms
They painted the rest rooms.

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Thursday, August 3

Appliances and counters have all been moved into the kitchen.
In the kitchen, the appliances are all in place, and the rest of the counters have been moved in. There is a little bit of plumbing to take care of, the air conditioner has to be put in place, and the ceiling fan balanced. It’s almost done!

Tile going down in the women’s rest room.
In the women’s rest room, the first of the tile has been put down. They are get close to completion here, too.

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Friday, August 4

Jeanette Hanson, Pam Bukuli, and Judie Boutá get everything stowed away in the kitchen.
With all the construction work done in the kitchen, the curtains were put up, the shelves and drawers lined, and everything put back in its place.

Temporary partitions were put up in the women’s rest room, the sinks were installed, and the contractor worked on the grouting (below, left). In the men’s rest room, the urinals were installed, some tile was put down, and preparations were made for the temporary partitions (below, right).

Women’s rest room with temporary partitions. Men’s rest room with urinals installed.

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Saturday, August 5

Jim Sullivan putting up shelves
Jim Sullivan took care of the final few projects in the kitchen, putting up shelves over the pass through and over the refrigerators, finished adjustments to the ceiling fan and light, and installed the air conditioner.

Tiling the men’s rest room
The contractor installed the commodes and finished up the tile in the rest rooms.

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Monday, August 5

By working on Sunday, the contractors were able to get the rest rooms ready for use when the Preschool children and teachers returned. The specially-made partitions will not arrive for some time, so everyone will have to make do with the temporary plywood partitions. There are also a several other small problems to be fixed, but the rest rooms—both women’s (below, left) and men’s (below, right)—are ready for use.

<The women’s rest room The men’s rest room

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Sunday, August 13

Jim Sullivan narrating the history of the project and thanking participants 
Even though there are still a little work to be done before everything is done, a brief rededication blessing was held following morning worship on August 13. Project Coordinator Jim Sullivan began by recounting the history of the project and thanking everyone who helped. Then, Pastor Steve conducted the blessing.

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