Bach graphic

Bach’s move to Leipzig was a complete change to the pace from his previous professional life. Although it may not have been a requirement, he produced cantatas for each Sunday and Feast Day. So his time became consumed with the production of church works for the main Sunday services and Festivals celebrated on the Lutheran calendar in Leipzig. The first version of the St. John Passion was also composed for Good Friday that year.

This program will feature Cantata BWV 66 “Erfreut euch, ihr Herzen” (a parody of a secular cantata written in Cöthen but recast for the second day of Easter 1724) and the great Chorale based Cantata BWV 180 “Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele” written for the 20th Sunday after Trinity (October 22, 1724.) Andrew Eckard will open the concert with the solo Suite in C minor for Violoncello, BWV 1011, which calls for the A string to be retuned to G.

Do join us to celebrate Bach’s music from one of the most musically productive years of his life.

Carl Crosier