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The HeartBeat

Message from Pastor

Interim Pastor Steve JensenMany of you are away on vacation as this newsletter goes to print. Although it’s summer, ministry, planning, and the interim process continue and it is important you be kept abreast of developments. Because of a need for groups and committees, as well as the pastors, to provide you with pertinent and timely information, I have asked the communication committee and council to approve an expanded newsletter. This is our first attempt and you will note modifications to it as time goes on. Please let us know how else it can be modified to meet your needs.

I want to thank you for your hospitality and aloha my first two months with you. While I am still getting to know you and learning some of the things unique to ministry here, I appreciate all who have helped me in the transition. Your willingness to wear name tags, as an example, truly showed me that I have your support and encouragement. You have been patient with me as well as I ask questions, make requests, and offer observations. I trust that you value the fresh eyes of someone new to this ohana and understand the value of that in an interim period—or any other time.

To assist me in ascertaining which elements of the intentional interim ministry process you have already completed under Pastor David’s leadership and that of the Ministry Plan Task Force (MPTF)—and should not replicate— and which areas yet need to be addressed, I have asked that a “Transition Team” be constituted. Olivia Castro is the chairperson and you will note an article elsewhere from her that lists the members and comments on our first meeting.

A significant responsibility is also to be a liaison between the pastor and congregation, ensuring that lines of communication between us are open. Please don’t wonder to yourself or among yourselves why I do or do not do some things. Bring it to my attention or theirs. If nothing else, practice on me as you prepare to receive a new shepherd.

One of the major assignments I have given them is to arrange for cottage meetings in the homes of members at various locations around the island. The intent is to meet with all our members in a more relaxed environment and to include not only our active members, but those on Oahu who have not been attending for whatever reason. My expectation is that it will help members get to know each other better and be aware of who lives in their proximity.

I also ask that each person in attendance address the following questions:

  • What brought you to LCH?
  • What keeps you here?
  • What was your greatest hurt at LCH?
  • What was your greatest joy?
  • What is your greatest hope for LCH?

If we are really the family of a loving, accepting God, then we need to find ways to get to know our brothers and sisters in Christ, encourage one another, heal our wounds, celebrate our accomplishments, support and make viable our hopes—all in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance.

I trust that you see I do not regard the intentional interim period as a time of simply treading water until the new pastor arrives, but as opportunity to continue to discern the will of God for us and to respond to it individually and as a congregation as we are able.

I will do my best to attend to your needs as a pastor should, while keeping in mind I am charged with preparing the “priesthood of all believers” to welcome a new pastor.

I look forward to meeting more of you in the weeks and months to come.

In the love of Christ,
Pastor Steve

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Transition Team

Jerelyn Watanabe, Stephen Schmidt, Jacob Burkman, Olivia Castro. Not shown are: Bidgood, Randy Castello, April Smith, and Lois Swift.Nine members of LCH have formed the Transition Team. We will:

  1. Support Pastor Steve during his Intentional Interim Ministry with us.
  2. Prepare the congregation to be ready for the permanent pastor that the Lord calls to serve us.
  3. Enable the new pastor and family to successfully establish themselves in our congregation and community.
  4. Coordinate with the Call Committee, the Ministry Planning Task Force and the Council as there are several transition tasks that overlap among these groups.

Team Members are: Josie Bidgood, Jacob Burkman, Randy Castello, Olivia Castro, Chuck Huxel, Stephen Schmidt, April Smith, Lois Swift, and Jerelyn Watanabe.

As one of our first activities we will be sponsoring several small group gatherings in homes to get to know Pastor Steve and to share our personal history with LCH, and hopes and dreams for the congregation.

Please contact any member of the team or Olivia Castro through the Church Office (941-2566) if you would be willing to host a gathering in your home.

Our congregation is blessed with caring and compassionate members and friends. If you wish to partner with the Transition Team in any way or share an idea or concern, please feel free to contact Olivia. She will be most open to hearing from each of you.

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Notes from June 20, 2006, Council Meeting

The council held its regularly scheduled meeting on June 20, 2006. Highlights of the meeting follow.

Ministry Plan Task Force. Jim Niermann asked the Council’s help in getting as much feedback as possible from the congregation for The Ministry Plan Task Forces’ Draft Goal Statements. The task force’s goal is to create a set of priorities for the congregation. The rest of the planning will be done by smaller groups within the church who are interested in the specific topics. This will give focus to the existing committees and may encourage formation of other groups within the church. Meetings will be held after services and with some of the existing committees to discuss the goal statements.

Renovations. The Council approved a tentative budget for the following items as part of the Capital Campaign:

  • Kitchen renovation with a preliminary budget of $41,076.
  • Bathroom renovation with a preliminary budget of $69,162.
  • Replacing the handicapped ramp with a preliminary budget of $9,583.

In addition to Capital Campaign funds, renovations will be funded by:

  • Castle Foundation Grant—$32,000 for the kitchen renovations
  • Helmuth Hörmann Bequest—$10,000
  • Thrivent Grant and Special Fundraising Matching Fund—$2,600. ($1,300 from Thrivent and $1,300 that will need to be raised.

These renovations will begin in July. Once they are complete, this will complete the work that was to be done via the first phase of the Capital Campaign.

Financial Reports. A budget shortfall of $12,003.51 was reported through May 31, 2006. Income for that period was $134,080.31 or 84% of the budgeted amount.

Cottage Meetings. Cottage meetings within neighborhoods will begin meeting in late July. The purpose of these meetings will be to open up dialogue about the church and its role in people’s lives.

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Demolition Workers Needed!

The LCH Kitchen—soon to be a memory!Friday, July 21 is Demolition Night at LCH with Demolition Saturday the following morning. Three areas that have been begging for attention, the bathrooms, the kitchen, and the access ramp in the courtyard, will all be gutted in preparation for rebuilding to take place the next two weeks. Tiles need to be chipped, fixtures pulled, cabinets dismantled and everything carted to a dumpster in the parking lot. Many hands will make the work go fast. We need volunteers not only to chip and carry but to bring food, run a temporary canteen, and to clean up on Saturday afternon for Sunday worship.

The renovations, with the exception of the kitchen floor, will be undertaken by Benchmark Construction. They have assured us they can complete the work within the two weeks that the preschool is out on summer holiday.

There will be a certain amount of inconvenience during the construction period. Porta-potties and a washing station will be rented for the duration. It will impress on us how much we appreciate the refurbished facilities when they are completed!

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Matching Thrivent Grant

Each year Thrivent Financial makes available a $1300 matching grant. The completion of a permanent ramp for handicap access, connecting the courtyard and the restrooms, has been chosen this year. The Council authorized the raising of the $1300+ matching funds at their last meeting. The total project will cost $9,583. Contributions can be forwarded to the church at any time, payable to LCH, with the notation: Ramp Fund.

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Young Adult Bible Study

We have started a Young Adult Bible Study at LCH on Wednesday evenings, from 7:30-9:00 PM. To qualify for this group you must be:

  1. interested in learning more about your faith through a group study of scripture;
  2. twentysomethingish.

Join us!

If you're not feeling as “twentysomething-ish” as you used to, why not consider starting another Bible Study at LCH or in your home? All the cool kids are doing it!

Keane IshiiThe rounding-out of my fourth year here at LCH brought me to a new investment in this congregation. I had always appreciated our inclusive and un-self-righteous philosophy, and of course the treasure of sacred music we have to offer. These things were more than enough to keep an active Buddhist glued to this Lutheran campus. However, a surprising conversion experience awakened a far deeper interest and need to learn more. It was a serendipitous following step when Amanda Jute asked me after church one day what I’d think about a Bible Study group.
I now meet with a growing circle every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. This study group explores the scripture through open inquiry, with the dedicated help of intern Pastor Josh’s sensitive presence and superior knowledge. The increasing measure of guts we pour out onto the boardroom table amazes me in its joy and unsubtle awakening. This study reminds me of seeing myself in a mirror, but only now beginning to understand why I’m smiling.

Keane Ishii

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New Members Class

Interested in joining LCH, or know someone who might be? Please call Pastor Steve, Intern Pastor Josh, or Administrator Coleen at the church to advise and discuss availability. The New Members Class will be offered in mid-to-late July as best fits the schedules of those involved. A hui hou!

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Social Ministry and Outreach

All those interested in social ministry are invited to a meeting after the service on July 9. We will be reviewing the Ministry Plan Task Force Report as it pertains to social ministry and outreach. Please join us in the Board Room for a lively discussion, and light lunch.

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Contextual Leadership Initiative

Intern Pastor Josh and Pastor Steve attended the second of two training events for interns and supervisors at Dumas Bay, WA just prior to the Synod assembly in May. It is part of our commitment to training and support of our intern, but was also a key element in the early establishment of a healthy working relationship for pastor and intern for Josh’s last three months

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Pacifica Synod Assembly

Peggy Anderson and Sean D’Evelyn joined the pastors for the annual assembly in Irvine, CA. Sean represented LCH as a lay minister in the final Eucharistic Worship Service celebrated by Bishop Finck. Peggy shared the aloha spirit by presenting hand-made lei to a large number of attendees.

Since next year’s assembly will be in Waikiki, the Hukilau conference hosted a hospitality desk and provided details of planned events and travel resources for all interested. Administrator Coleen has a copy of the DVD produced by Pastor Karen Perkins and her husband at Maluhia Lutheran Church to promote the 2007 assembly.

Due in large part to budget reductions, Synod has deleted one assistant to the bishop position with the retirement of Pastor Lyle Peterson. Details of the assembly can be found at

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Youth Ministry Task Force

You may be aware that Intern Pastor Josh was instrumental in coordinating a task force for congregations of the Hukilau conference and those of other ecumenical groups. The task force recently elected a chairperson and is fine tuning vision and mission statements. The ultimate goal is to hire a youth director that will work with youth, youth leaders, and pastors of congregations to develop a cooperative program of ministry, education, and fun most congregations could not do on their own.

As concrete plans are made and programs develop, information will be disseminated.

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Food Pantry

The local news regularly reports and the church staff sees a rise in homelessness and families in need of food. While we will keep an emergency supply of food at LCH, we want to support the Angel Network hosted by Calvary by the Sea as well. Angel Network has a screening program to ensure it is the needy who are helped, but also has a dynamic referral system to provide a myriad of resources beyond food.

Please remember the food pantry when you do your shopping, but also as you travel. Hotel soaps, lotions, and shampoos would be welcome additions to the foodstuffs. Items can be dropped off at LCH or at Calvary.

Volunteers are also needed at Angel Network on Thursdays and/or Fridays to stock and distribute food and toiletries.

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Family Promise

Clusters of congregations in neighborhoods around Oahu are looking for cooperative means to house homeless families for one week at a time. LCH is invited to investigate the possibility of providing volunteers in conjunction with St. Clement’s and the Christian Science church for such an endeavor at the latter in December. Additional details will be provided as they become available.

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LCH will again partner with the Oahu Hukilau congregations in this year’s confirmation program, but will be using a new 2-year Augsburg Fortress curriculum entitled “Here We Stand.” Students will meet at various churches together once per month and at LCH the other weeks. As an interim, Pastor Steve may or may not be at LCH the entire school year and Intern Pastor Josh will return to seminary before classes begin. Pastor therefore requests one or more members of the congregation assist him with the program to ensure there is continuity the entire year. Please contact him directly if you are interested in assisting him or if your child will be attending confirmation.

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Have used ink cartridges and old cell phones lying around? Don’t throw them away!

Drop your used printer ink cartridges and old cell phones (handsets and batteries only) at the LCH Administrator’s office. Two companies will turn them into CASH! Proceeds will go to support IHS Meals.

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Compline Choir to celebrate 30th Anniversary on Aug. 6

Members of the Compline Choir in processionInspired by the Compline Service which has been sung at St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, since 1954, Carl Crosier gathered eight men to sing the office of Compline in candlelight at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu on August 1, 1976.

As is characteristic of Monastic offices, Compline consists of psalms, short passages from scripture (chapters), an office hymn, a canticle (Nunc Dimittis), a litany, collects and additional prayers. In keeping with the earliest practices of the monastic communities, Compline is offered when the work of the day is completed, and the quietness of evening settles over the hearts and minds of those who have come together in thankfulness for the blessings of the day which has passed and in anticipation of God’s gift of a new day.

It’s now been 30 years of faithful service every single Sunday night at LCH. This half-hour service, which Honolulu Magazine recognized as the best place in town to count the liturgical hours, is a perfect way to end the day and prepare our hearts and souls for the week to come.

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Send Our Youth to Camp!

On July 9th following the service we will be having a burger sale/calabash to raise money for Koré and Crescent to attend a church camp from July 13th through 23rd on the mainland.

We will offer a choice of ham/cheeseburger or hot dogs with assorted chips and drinks for $5.00. Stop by for a bite, some extra fellowship, and a contribution to youth ministry!

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Congratulations to our recent graduates!

  • Jordan B. (grandson of Gayle Shine)—First Chinese Pre-School
  • Maxwell W.—Wesley Methodist Pre-School
  • Austin B.—Kapolei High School
  • Curt C., Jr. (son of Stephen Schmidt)—Cibola High School, Yuma, AZ
  • Justin J.—Leilehua High School
  • Whitney W.—Aiea High School
  • Stephanie Miller—Rudolf Steiner College, Sacramento, CA

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A Full House for Bach

Darel Stark playing Bach’s Violin Concerto in A minor.The church was filled to capacity for the final Abendmusiken Concert of the 2005-2006 season on May 7th, 2006, “Bach Pilgrimage III,” which featured compositions from Bach’s Weimar period. $2,285 was raised to benefit ELCA churches in the Texas-Louisiana Synod which were damaged by Hurricane Rita. Show at right is violin soloist, Darel Stark, who performed the Violin Concerto in A minor.

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July Birthdays

  David Del Rocco 07/02
  Linda Quarberg 07/02
  Linda Wong 07/03
  Coleen Howard 07/04
  Ann C. DeVallee 07/07
  Linda Miller 07/08
  Ellie Ann O. 07/14
  Whitney Walker 07/16
  Don Person 07/17
  Bill Potter 07/17
  Shane K. 07/19
  Marian Myers 07/20
  Clarence Ferdun 07/21
  Christopher K. 07/22
  Karen Fay 07/23
  Patricia Chamberlain      07/25
  Georgine Stark 07/25
  Tomi Haehnlen 07/28
  Irmgard Hörmann 07/28
  Bob Zimmer 07/29
  Timothy Barber 07/30
  Kendall McCreary 07/31

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Keep in Your Prayers...

  Jolene      Lorie Joan Stephen
  Jean Vivian      Jerry Jackie
    Yuko Maxim       

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Fundraiser for Heifer International

Animals from Heifer International help around the worldThere will be a fundraiser for Heifer International on Friday, July 14th, 6:30 pm at the Church of the Crossroads, Weaver Hall, 1212 University Ave.

The cost is $25 per person. Email Linda Rich <> by July 8th. This is an evening of food and fellowship, with presentations by featured speakers from the Heifer national office and the Indonesia Program Director. Learn more about “Passing on the Gift,”

a cornerstone of Heifer’s program that creates ripples of generosity and trans-forms local and global neighborhoods.

For the last two seasons of Lent, our LCH children have challenged the congregation to raise enough money to purchase an ark of animals from Heifer International. The June 2006 issue of The Lutheran had a story and picture about last spring’s benefit concert for Heifer International.

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Church Bloopers

The following are actual church bulletin bloopers found in churches across the United States.

  • “Due to the pastor’s illness, Wednesday’s healing services will be discontinued until further notice.”
  • “A song fest was hell at the Methodist church Wednesday.”
  • “Eight new choir robes are currently needed, due to the addition of several new members and to the deterioration of some older ones.”
  • “The choir invites any member of the congregation who enjoys sinning to join the choir.”
  • “A new loudspeaker system has been installed in the church. It was given by one of our members in honor of his wife.”

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LCH Worship Participants

 July 2
9:15 a.m.
July 9
9:15 a.m.
July 16
9:15 a.m.
July 23
9:15 a.m.
July 30
9:15 a.m.
LECTORS Judie Bouta Roy Helms Angie Nierman Carolyn Koehler April Smith
Bob Zimmer
Carolyn Ishikawa
Peggy Anderson Jeanette Castello Bob Tellander
Jeanette Hanson
Jeanette Hanson
Chuck Huxel
DEACON -- Stephen Schmidt Sean D’Evelyn -- --
ACOLYTES Crescent Cheng Colin Buckley Karyn Castro Nicholas Castello Kyra Ann Takamiya

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Heart Beat Deadline

Next Heart Beat Deadline is 9 AM, Friday, July 21!

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Calendar: July 2006

Sunday, July 2—Sunday 13 • Time after Pentecost
9:15 AM Holy Communion
8:30 PM Pre-Compline Discussion
9:00 PM Compline
Tuesday, July 4—Independence Day Holiday—Office Closed
Wednesday, July 5
10:00 AM Preschool Chapel
7:30 PM Young Adult Bible Study
Sunday, July 9—Sunday 14 • Time after Pentecost
9:15 AM Holy Communion
8:30 PM Pre-Compline Discussion
9:00 PM Compline
Wednesday, July 12
10:00 AM Preschool Chapel
12:30 PM Finance Committee
7:30 PM Young Adult Bible Study
Sunday, July 16—Sunday 15 • Time after Pentecost
9:15 AM Holy Communion
8:30 PM Pre-Compline Discussion
9:00 PM Compline
Tuesday, July 18
6:00 PM Executive Committee
6:30 PM Council Meeting
Wednesday, July 19
10:00 AM Preschool Chapel
7:30 PM Young Adult Bible Study
Friday, July 21
9:00 AM Heart Beat Deadline
1:30 PM Prepare IHS Meals
5:30 PM Serve IHS Meals
Sunday, July 23—Sunday 16 • Time after Pentecost
9:15 AM Holy Communion
8:30 PM Pre-Compline Discussion
9:00 PM Compline
Wednesday, June 26
9:00 AM Heart Beat Mailing
7:30 PM Young Adult Bible Study
Sunday, July 30—Sunday 17 • Time after Pentecost
9:15 AM Holy Communion
8:30 PM Pre-Compline Discussion
9:00 PM Compline

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