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The HeartBeat

An Invitation from the Mutual Ministry/Transition Team

Jerelyn Watanabe

Come and welcome our new Pastor! There are several opportunities for members and friends of LCH to greet our unanimously called Pastor, Jeff Lilley.

  • Monday, April 9
  • Pastor Jeff arrives on Hawaiian Air Flight #35 from Phoenix at 11:15 am
    Greet him with lei at the baggage claim area
  • Sunday, April 15
  • Pastor Jeff’s first Sunday at LCH
  • Enjoy refreshments between services. (Don’t forget to wear your name tags so that Pastor Jeff can begin to connect our names with our faces.)

Since Pastor Jeff will be arriving without his family, we ask that you remember him when planning your family’s gatherings and events. You may contact Pastor Jeff through the church office at 941-2566. Also, please plan to attend Pastor Jeff’s Installation Service on Sunday, May 20 at 4:00 pm.

For more information please contact Jerelyn at through the Church Office (941-256).

Message from Pastor Jeff

Pastor Jeff LilleyWhen Jean, Seth, and I first arrived at the airport in Honolulu, we were met by a group of very enthusiastic and welcoming people from the Lutheran Church of Honolulu. They greeted us with “Aloha” and many lei, sentiments which echoed time and again during our visit with the congregation. Over the next several days, you welcomed us into your homes and your hearts, and at the end of our visit, invited us to come and share a life of ministry with you. We are grateful, amazed, apprehensive, and deeply joyful, all at the same time. Mahalo nui loa!

So who are these folks whom you welcomed? Jean is the daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, sister-in-law, and stepdaughter of pastors, who managed to marry a pastor. There are so many Lutheran clergy in her family that you can hardly splash water in the baptismal font without getting one of them wet! She is employed full-time as the Executive Director of Lawrence Habitat for Humanity, an organization that partners with low-income families to build simple, decent housing. She is overseeing the construction of an entire neighborhood of sixteen homes. Her background is in communications, journalism, business, and marketing. She loves all things outdoors, sewing, hiking, and is a mean helmsperson on a sailboat.

Although Meghann will not be moving with us, I am sure you will see enough of her to warrant an introduction! Meghann is twenty years old and is a sophomore at the University of Kansas majoring in Music Education. Her passion is choral music and she intends to teach at the secondary education level. In addition to singing, she teaches piano to adults and children, plays the viola, and co-manages an a cappella singing group named “Genuine Imitation.”

Seth is fifteen years old and is a sophomore at Lawrence High School. He also is musically inclined and plays acoustic and electric guitar, piano/keyboard, and violin. His band, “The Chipping Camdens” debuted recently at Liberty Hall. He is heavily involved in the theater scene and enjoys acting in Summer Youth Theater and high school productions. He loves music of almost every kind (except Country) and enjoys the outdoors.

I have been in the ministry for over seventeen years serving congregations in Athol and Lawrence, Kansas. I am graduate of Texas Lutheran College and Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary. Most of my adult life has been spent serving the church. In seminary I was particularly interested in Systematic Theology and Ethics. Those disciplines have been brought to bear in a passion for social justice and deep involvement work with the homeless and underserved. For fun, I love to sail, build boats, paint (not houses!!!!) and work with wood. But my real passion is music. For the past seven years, I have enjoyed playing and singing with JimJim and the Fatboys, a group of eclectic fellows who are just as happy to play a minuet as play an original blues song. I am energized by the creative process and love to learn new skills.

I look forward to getting to know you all, and serve you in the years to come! I will be arriving in Honolulu April 9 and will be in the office on April 10. Jean and Seth will join me sometime in mid-June.

Pastor Jeff

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Good Friday graphicHoly Week and Easter at LCH

Sunday, April 1 • Palm Sunday
The service moves from the commemoration of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to the reading of the story of Jesus’ passion and death in the Gospel according to St. Luke. This service is accompanied by guitar, piano and flute.

Children of the Sunday School retell the ancient story of the Israelites’ deliverance from Egypt with prayers, lighting of candles, and special foods.

The service moves from the commemoration of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to the reading of the story of Jesus’ passion and death in the Gospel according to St. Luke. The choir sings music by Victoria, Anerio, and Gesualdo.

The final liturgical prayer service of the day is sung in candlelight by a men’s choir. Music by Palestrina, Compère, Byrd, and Tallis.

Thursday, April 5 • Maundy Thursday
A joyous celebration of the Eucharist meal quickly changes to one of love through humility in the washing of feet. The service concludes with the stripping of the altar, dramatizing Christ’s betrayal, stripping, and mocking by his captors. Music by Anerio, Nanino, Guerrero, and Duruflé.

Friday, April 6 • Good Friday
This service celebrates the triumph of the cross. The service features the reading of the St. John Passion and concludes with prayer around the cross. Music by Hallock, plainchant Passion with Victoria Responses, Victoria Reproaches, and music of Tallis.

Saturday, April 7 • Easter Eve
Kindling of a new fire, the story of deliverance from the Hebrew Scriptures, and renewal of Baptismal promises, lead to the proclamation of Easter Victory and a joyous celebration of Holy Communion. Music from the Russian Orthodox Liturgy by Gretchaninoff, Archangelsky, and Chesnokov.

Sunday, April 8 • Easter Day
We celebrate the empty tomb, the central mystery that through death comes new life. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Music for trumpet and organ.

We celebrate the empty tomb, the central mystery that through death comes new life. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! The choir will offer festive music by Peeters, Hallock, Leisring, Proulx, Robinson, Karg-Elert with brass and percussion ensemble.

The Compline Choir sings jubilant music by Hallock, Wood, Holmes, and Hassler, as a fitting end to the day’s celebrations.

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Name tags

name tag graphicWe would like to have a complete and accurate set of name tags before Pastor Jeff arrives, so please note on the sheet next to the tag rack any additions or corrections. Please wear your name tag each Sunday and at all special church events.

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Message from Pastor Steve

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Interim Pastor Steve JensenThe Apostle Paul writes in Philippians 1:3-7a: “I thank my God every time I remember you, constantly praying with joy in everyone of my prayers for all of you, because of your sharing in the gospel from the first day until now. I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion by the day of Jesus Christ. It is right for me to think this way about all of you, because you hold me in your heart, for all of you share in God’s grace with me...” Pastors departing a congregation often make reference to this letter of Paul’s.

I often prefer to find a more unique passage of scripture to describe my feelings about a particular issue or concern. However, this scriptural selection best represents how I am feeling about my pending departure as our intentional interim ministry comes to a conclusion on Easter Sunday.

You heard Pastor David Barber’s reminder that the ministry of LCH is not the pastor’s alone, but a conjoint effort on the part of all of the members. You were willing to work with me in refining that ministry and mission and taking on greater responsibility. Now as Pastor Jeff Lilley becomes your new shepherd, I trust that you will continue to invite his new ideas and perspective in further developing discipleship in this neighborhood and in our world community.

I have learned a great deal from you and appreciate your support and many kindnesses this past year. Your true “welcoming to all” has included me, and it has been a delight to see how seriously you take that vision and mission in embracing all who walk in the doors of the church.

But until my last day, I must remain true to both the priestly role of your pastor and the prophetic role. You who have received the blessings of the fellowship and ministry of LCH know how your hunger is fed. There are so many others with whom you come in contact every day who have similar needs, and you are in the best position to invite them to come here and be fed as well. Encourage those others to come and worship with you. You might be surprised when they come and how much they appreciate your invitation.

This past year, I have also come to learn how much so many of you do for others that is not a part of any organized ministry at LCH. I hope that you will not only share those quiet but incredibly important efforts with Pastor Jeff, but also with one another. You may just find that someone else has a similar passion and would like to help another in this way as well.

The Transition Team and the Ministry Plan Task Force will be sharing the results of their joint efforts with you and Pastor Jeff in the weeks ahead. They have exciting ideas that have come from you and I trust that your enthusiastic response will result in small but significant new ministries to our own “ohana,” and also to the larger community outside LCH.

Paul also reminds us in I Corinthians 12: “Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of working, but it is the same God who inspires them all in every one.” Those of you already using your gifts to the glory of God are well aware of the satisfaction felt in serving. Others of you have been blessed by God with special gifts you may not feel can be of much service to Him; but if they were given by God, they were meant to be used. Don’t wait to be invited to serve; seek an opportunity.

Thank you to all who have been involved in the various ministries of LCH. Your dedication has been an inspiration to me and I know will be to Pastor Jeff as well.

I have perhaps worked most closely with the Mutual Ministry/Transition Team and I want to publicly thank them for their stellar support. Pastor Jeff and the congregation will both benefit from their efforts as well.

Lastly, mahalo nui loa to all who worked on and attended my farewell dinner on March 31. You could not have picked a more meaningful gift for me than the contribution of 52 hams to Angel Network in recognition of our 52 weeks together. In that gift, you have demonstrated to many that our ministry together is of God, has had a real and direct impact on peoples’ lives, and will carry on.

As I begin a new intentional interim ministry at St. John, Kailua, on May 1, know that you have helped them by helping me this past year. I look forward to hearing news of your new ministry with Pastor Jeff and working together in the ministry of the Hukilau.

May God continue to richly bless you all.

In Christ’s aloha,
Pastor Steve

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Ham donation to Angel Network

in appreciation of Pastor Steve

ham graphicIn appreciation for Pastor Steve’s excellent service for the past year (or 52 weeks), LCH will be donating 52 hams for Easter to Angel Network. Foodland has quoted us $10.00 for a 5-pound ham, which they discounted from the regular price of $14.89 each for this donation. Checks may be issued to LCH with a notation stating “ham.” A calabash bowl will also be in the Nave for Pastor Steve’s Aloha gift.

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Pastor Steve says help the Pastor help you:

Members often forget to include the pastor when notifying concerned others of a hospitalization, long-term illness, or relocation to an assisted living facility. Please contact the office or the pastor at your first opportunity when there is a need for pastoral care.

Please also talk with the pastor first before scheduling a wedding, renewal of vows, funeral, or baptism if you need him to conduct the rite. Sometimes other important needs for another family have already been scheduled. “By the way, Pastor...” Worship attendees often think of something the pastor should know as they arrive on Sunday morning. It is important to Pastor that he get it right, so please don’t rely on his memory as he is preparing for worship. Please use one of the blank notes provided in a wooden bowl and give it to Pastor or put it in the offering plate. He will respond at his first opportunity.

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Message from the Council President

Council President Brian WeisGrace and peace to you!

I would like to thank you all for the unanimous vote to call Pastor Jeff Lilley to serve us here at LCH. The affirmative vote was greatly appreciated by all the members of the call committee. The committee worked many hours considering and interviewing all the candidates. To the call committee members...job well done.

The Mutual Ministry/Transition Team did an outstanding job and continues to work hard to make the transition go as smooth as possible; thank you all.

I’d like to thank the Fellowship Committee for their work on the many different events during this transitional time.

I’d like to thank the Property Committee for the work they're doing to prepare for Pastor Lilley's arrival.

A special thanks to the Communication and Worship and Music Committees for their energy in the updating of the membership directory, planning of worship services, and of course Pastor Jeff's Installation service on Sunday, May 20.

The thank you list could go on and on, as you can see, you have all played an important role and prayed for an important event in this, LCH history in the making.

I think one of our greatest blessings during this transition time has been the gift of our Interim Pastor, Steve Jensen. His gifts are too many to list and too long to mention, but rest in our hearts with gratitude to God for placing him here in our church ministering to us. He listened, he spoke, he guided and led us, he directed, he counseled, he prayed with us and for us. I am speaking for all of us here at LCH, Steve, you have been more than just our “Pastor” this past have been a friend.

I hope all of you will take a moment to thank Pastor Steve during his last days here serving us at LCH. It's nice knowing that he won't be far away and I hope our paths cross many times.

I’d also like you all to keep this Aloha spirit alive in welcoming Pastor Jeff and his family to our island home. I look forward to Pastor Jeff’s ministry here with us and truly believe our best days at LCH are ahead of us as Christ leads us.

Alleluia! Christ is risen. Happy Easter

Brian Weis

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Joint Confirmation

Luther Rose graphicThe next joint confirmation event is scheduled for Sunday, April 1 from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. at Joy of Christ, Aiea. If you miss LCH’s Seder Meal, you are welcome to attend the Hukilau one. Please call for reservations.

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Updating the directory

Pastor Lilley has requested that we update our directory prior to his arrival on April 10. We need your assistance to ensure its accuracy. We would like to provide fresh digital photos and would appreciate you taking a few moments to allow our photographers (Kathy and Bill) to take your family’s picture. If you have a recent digital photo of your own you would prefer us to use, please e-mail that to the church office at

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In Stitches

The LCH craft group, In Stitches, continues to meet to work on church crafts and our own items the second and fourth Saturdays of the month from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. The next few meetings are as follows...April 14 and 28, and May 12 and 26. Please join us.

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Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch will meet April 15 at 12:30 pm after Church at Kakaako Kitchen in Ward.

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Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday Volunteers Needed

We would like to have greeters and parking lot attendants for our Palm Sunday (April 1) and Easter Sunday (April 8) services. Greeters would need to be ready at the front doors of the sanctuary no later than twenty minutes before the service. It would be nice to have at least one greeter for each of the Sunday services. The purpose of the greeters is to be a welcoming presence before visitors enter the sanctuary.

Parking lot attendants should be in the church lot no later than thirty minutes prior to the start of the service. The purpose of the parking lot attendant is to direct visitors to the visitor parking stalls and to direct all persons to the Poki Lot once the church lot is full. It would also be helpful to be available to aid people out of their cars if they are being dropped off and show the way to the entrance to the courtyard.

Please see Brian Weis if you can help with these important ministries, or contact him through the Church Office (941-2566).

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Food for Thought

Food for Thought will meet for our usual monthly potluck supper and discussion at the home of Irmgard Hormann on Saturday, April 14, at 6:30 p.m. All are welcome. For information, please contact Kathryn Klingebiel through the Church Office (941-2566).

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The Young Organist—Saturday, April 21, 7:00 p.m.

A benefit concert featuring young people performing on the organ

Mark April 21 on your calendars now for a delightful evening of organ music, all played by young people. Performers will include our own Nathalie J. (age 8) and Jordan M. (age 11). Others performing will include Christopher L. (age 8) and Joey F. (age 15), who also performed at the Heifer Concert on March 3. At the February meeting of the Worship and Music Committee, it was decided that a freewill offering will benefit the Organ Maintenance Fund and the Scholarship Fund of the American Guild of Organists. Both Nathalie and Jordan are scholarship recipients, in addition to Christopher and Joey, who receive funds from AGO to help pay for their organ lessons. Please help support these young musicians by your attendance at the concert on April 21. Poster (PDF)

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Earth Day at LCH, Sunday, April 22

The focus this year will be on Invasive Species and what we can do about them.

The Earth and its wellbeing is more and more our responsibility as stewards, especially because the US government continues to make huge cuts in the budget for caring for the environment.

Come to the Learning Ministry meeting on Sunday April 22 between 9:15-10:15 am at Isenberg Hall. For more information, call Lois Swift 373 4922

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From the Stewardship Committee

The Finance Committee has informed us that there is a 27% budget shortfall as of the end of February 2007. Many thanks to everyone, who contributed what you tithed for this year. If you are a little behind, please continue with your donations. We ask anyone who hasn’t made a pledge for 2007, to prayerfully consider what you can contribute and send in your pledge to the church office.

We also welcome any contributions from the many Friends of LCH. Pledge forms can be found in the tract rack in the courtyard or in the church office.

Please remember that our collective donations enable our church to continue the numerous programs and activities that are a part of our congregational life.

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LCH children in front of the Ark bulletin boardWe made a good start in pledges and donations and are on our way towards reaching the $5,000 goal to purchase an Ark of Animals through Heifer International. If you would like to make your pledge of $40 to buy a share of the Ark, please sign-up in the courtyard. We still need families and individuals to help us reach our goal.

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Newest Members

Diane Perushek is transferring her membership from Chicago to LCH, now that she has relocated to Hawaii and is working at LCH.

Paul and Anna Kath decided to become full members in February after spending some time with us between travels to various parts of the world.

Other recent members, Don & Barbara Rudd, have become quite active in a short time. Don ushers at the 8:00 am service.

Please take time to get to know them all if you don’t already and welcome them to the LCH Ohana.

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Ohana news

Michael and Emily Okikawa and their children have relocated to the mainland, since Michael was called up for active duty training. Please keep them in our prayer.

C.J. Calaway, son of Stephen and Selena Schmidt, has had pneumonia twice during Marine Recruit Training in San Diego, CA, but is hoping to soon be able to resume training. If you would like to send an encouraging word, his address is available from the Church Office.

Gary and Hilde Nii, long-time members of LCH, have remembered us in their will. We are appreciative of their generosity. Please continue to pray for the family they leave behind.

We have learned of the passing of Adele Ostrem on January 7 and Wilma Tornow on February 5. Please also remember their loved ones in prayer as well.

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Personal Security

Sadly there have been two unattended purses stolen in the last few months. Please do not leave valuables in the courtyard or in your vehicles.

The Worship and Music Committee is seeking “rovers” for both areas during worship. Please see Pastor Steve/Pastor Jeff or Linda Miller if you are willing to assist.

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birthday flowers and balloonsApril Birthdays

Brent Buckley 04/02
Carl Watanabe 04/07
Emma O.-B. 04/07
Azure S. 04/08
Thomas Motooka 04/09
Eric Doescher 04/12
Eric Ogawa 04/12
Larry Nitz 04/13
Peter Flachsbart 04/15
Darel Stark 04/15
Carol Langner 04/17
April Smith 04/19
Micah O. 04/25
Anna Womack 04/26
Michael Preston 04/26
Mitchell G. 04/29
Vicki Gorman 04/30

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Pacifica Synod

ELCA logoThis year, the Synod Assembly will be at the Marriott Waikiki May 2-5. As hosts for some 800 people, there are a great many details to which we as Hukilau congregations must attend, including sharing the unique ministry of LCH with a busload of visitors one afternoon. A LCH coordinator is needed to help identify and train our volunteers. Sign-up sheets for specific tasks are on the bulletin board in the courtyard. A LCH display table will be set up at the Assembly and also needs volunteers to share information about our ministry.

A bus load of delegates will visit LCH on May 3 at 12 Noon. Hosts are needed to welcome them. Please see Pastor Jeff or Brian Weis if you are interested.

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IHS Fundraiser

used ink cartridges and old cell phones

Drop your used printer ink cartridges/toners and old cell phones (handsets and batteries only) at the LCH Administrator’s office or in a drop box located at the church. Two companies will turn the cartridges and cell phones into CASH. We now have 14 cartridges and 29 cell phones. The minimum we can send in is 50 cartridges and 35 cell phones. They monies received will go towards supporting IHS Meals for the homeless. This is an ongoing fundraiser.

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IHS Benefit Concert on April 29th

J.S. BachAnother delightful ”Bach Pilgrimage“ concert will be held on Sunday, April 29th at 4:00 pm.m which will feature music written while Bach was the court musician at Cöthen. Works to be performed are the Solo Violin Partita in D minor (Darel Stark), harpsichord Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue (Carl Crosier), ’cello Suite in C major (Andrew Eckard), Cantata Nr. 21 ”Ich hatte viel bekummernis” in the version written for St. Jacobi Church in Hamburg (Bach Chamber Choir and Orchestra, with Georgine Stark and Timothy Schulz). All revenue from the concert will go directly to IHS. Poster (PDF)

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LCH Worship Participants—8:00 AM Holy Communion
  April 1 April 8 April 15 April 22 April 29
LECTOR Cindy Scheinert Peggy Anderson Jimmy Castro April Smith Cindy Scheinert
Peggy Anderson
Carolyn Ishikawa
Crescent C.
Laurie Leach
Peggy Anderson
Bob Tellander
Carolyn Ishikawa
Carolyn Koehler
Peggy Anderson
Stephanie Miller
ACOLYTES Crescent C. Sophie C. Crescent C. Colin B. Kyra Ann T.
  Jimmy Castro      
LCH Worship Participants—10:30 AM Choral Eucharist
  April 1 April 8 April 15 April 22 April 29
LECTOR Peggy Brandt Don Person Mary Fastenau Peter Flachsbart Randy Castello
DEACON Charlotte D’Evelyn Michael Burnett Bob Zimmer Raymond Herradura Sean D’Evelyn
SUBDEACON Sean D’Evelyn Sylvia Hormann-Alper Jeanne Castello Jacob Burkman Charlotte D’Evelyn
Randy Christensen Kore S. Randy Christensen Jeanette Hanson Linde S.
Jim Sullivan
Stephen Schmidt
Linde S.
Karyn C.
Olivia Castro
Bob Zimmer
Stephen Schmidt
Mary Fastenau
Kelsey Lloyd
  Bob Zimmer      
USHERS Chuck Huxel
Fred Benco
Chuck Pearson
Don Person
Chuck Huxel
Paul Fujii
Chuck Pearson
Don Person
Chuck Huxel
Francisco Barajas
Don Person
Nan Wond
Chuck Huxel
Francisco Barajas
Don Person
Nan Wond
Chuck Huxel
Francisco Barajas
Don Person
Nan Wond

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Worship Participants—Holy Week

Maundy Thursday
Deacon—Jacob Burkman
Sub-deacon—Bob Zimmer
Lector—James Cartwright
Acolytes—Olivia Castro, Karyn C.
Crucifer—Jerome Vasconcellos
Ushers—Fred Benco, Chuck Huxel, Chuck Pearson

Good Friday
Deacon—Mary Fastenau
Sub-deacon—Stephen Schmidt
No Lector, No Acolytes, No Communion
Ushers—Fred Benco, Peter Flachsbart, Chuck Huxel

Easter Vigil Saturday
Deacon—Randy Castello
Sub-deacon—Jacob Burkman
MC—Jim Sullivan
Thurifer—John Bickel
Boat-bearer—Jordan M.
Crucifer—Jerome Vasconcellos
Torchbearers—Jeanne Castello, Josie Bidgood
Acolytes/Banner-bearers—Ray Herradura, Karyn C.
Lectors—Sylvia Hormann-Alper, Michael Burnett, Kathryn Klingebiel, Jimmy Castro, Fritz Fritschel, Bob Zimmer, Peggy Anderson
Ushers—Chuck Huxel, Chuck Pearson

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Heart Beat Deadline

Next Heart Beat Deadline is Tuesday, April 17!

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Calendar: April 2007

Sunday, April 1—Palm Sunday
8:00 AM Holy Communion
9:10 AM Learning Ministries—Seder Meal
10:30 AM Choral Eucharist
6:30 PM Joint Confirmation—Joy of Christ
8:30 PM Pre-Compline Discussion
9:00 PM Compline
Monday, April 2
7:00 PM LCH Choir Rehearsal with instruments
Thursday, April 5—Maundy Thursday
7:30 PM Maundy Thursday Liturgy
Friday, April 6—Good Friday—Office Closed
7:30 PM Good Friday Liturgy
Saturday, April 7
7:30 PM The Great Vigil of Easter
Sunday, April 8—Easter Sunday
8:00 AM Holy Communion
9:10 AM Easter Breakfast
10:30 AM Choral Eucharist
8:30 PM Pre-Compline Discussion
9:00 PM Compline
Monday, April 9
7:00 PM Writers’ Workshop
Tuesday, April 10
9:30 AM Hukilau Meeting
6:30 PM Worship and Music
Wednesday, April 11
12:30 PM Finance Committee
6:00 PM Mutual Ministry/Transition Team
6:30 PM Confirmation—Calvary by the Sea
Thursday, April 12
7:00 PM LCH Choir Rehearsal
Saturday, April 14
9:00 AM Hukilau Spring Assembly
9:00 AM In Stitches
9:30 AM Process Theology Workshop
2:00 PM May Assembly Training
6:30 PM Food for Though—Irmgard Hörmann’s
Sunday, April 15—Second Sunday of Easter
8:00 AM Holy Communion
9:10 AM Learning Ministries
10:30 AM Choral Eucharist
12:00 Noon Process Theology Workshop
12:30 PM Lunch Bunch
4:30 PM Joint Confirmation—Christ Lutheran (Mililani)
8:30 PM Pre-Compline Discussion
9:00 PM Compline
Tuesday, April 17
9:00 AM Heart Beat Deadline
6:00 PM Executive Committee
6:30 PM Council Meeting
Wednesday, April 18
6:30 PM Confirmation—Calvary by the Sea
Thursday, April 19
7:00 PM LCH Choir Rehearsal
Friday, April 20
1:30 PM Prepare IHS Meals
5:30 PM Serve IHS Meals
Saturday, April 21
10:00 AM Youth Fundraiser Car Wash
7:00 PM Organ Benefit Concert
Sunday, April 22—Third Sunday of Easter/Earth Day Sunday
8:00 AM Holy Communion
9:10 AM Learning Ministries
10:30 AM Choral Eucharist
8:30 PM Pre-Compline Discussion
9:00 PM Compline
Monday, April 23
7:00 PM Bach Chamber Choir Rehearsal
Wednesday, April 25
9:00 AM Heart Beat Mailing
6:30 PM Confirmation—Calvary by the Sea
Thursday, April 26
7:00 PM LCH Choir Rehearsal
Saturday, April 28
9:00 AM In Stitches
10:30 AM Orchestra Dress Rehearsal
6:30 PM Game Night—Stephanie Miller’s
Sunday, April 29—Fourth Sunday of Easter
8:00 AM Holy Communion
9:10 AM Learning Ministries
10:30 AM Choral Eucharist
4:00 PM Abendmusiken Concert III
8:30 PM Pre-Compline Discussion
9:00 PM Compline
Monday, April 30
7:00 PM LCH Choir Rehearsal for Synod Service

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