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Definitions and Explanations on the LCH Website

The mission statement of the Lutheran Church of Honolulu (LCH) begins “Welcoming to all....” In this spirit, LCH extends a warm welcome to those who are not Christian or who are not familiar with “Christian language.” To help our visitors understand unfamiliar words and phrases, we are adding explanations and definitions for those words to key introductory pages on this website.

If you see a word or phrase in green type with a dotted underline, it is one of the words to which we have added a definition of explanation. Simply point your cursor to that word, the cursor will change to a ?, and the definition or explanation will appear in a small box near the word or phrase.

If you see a word or phrase in green type with a dashed green underline, in addition to the definition or explanation, there is a link to more detailed information on another web page. Just click on the underlined word or phrase to go to that page.

Several helpful websites are listed below if you want to find out more about words, phrases, and concepts on this website.

Webmaster’s Note: We use a Java script to display these explanations and definitions. If you have Java turned off and wish to view the notes, please turn it back on.

Some Useful links

Spiritual Research Topics Index on SpiritHome.Com—This site, written by a Lutheran lay person, is “for anyone who is not familiar with the Christian faith (even those that see themselves as ‘Christian’), but would like to know more about it.”

Glossary of Terms on the ELCA website—Brief definitions of basic Lutheran terminology.

Glossary of Liturgical Terms on the website of The Episcopal Church—An alphabetical listing of many terms related to worship, Christian beliefs, and church history.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit—This quality of articles varies, but there are many helpful ones on all aspects of Christianity. For example, their article on Lutheranism has links to various aspects of Lutheran faith and history.

A Glossary of Churchly Terms on the website of The Church of the Advent in Boston—This site concentrates on vocabulary related to “high church” liturgy.

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