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Sarah Roseberg

Parish Coordinator

Sarah Roseberg looks up from her work as parish coordinator.

My idea of a perfect day... involves the following: getting up early, a strenuous trail run or hike through the mountains, a farmers market, nap, baking cookies, coffee, helping someone, cooking an amazing dinner with friends, massage, country music, sunset or stargazing, and settling into bed with a good book. Simple, productive, healthy, and social—just how I like it. (I wouldn’t be complaining about a day spent in Paris either though.)

My biggest pet peeve is... when people don’t do what they say they will do. I also hate walking through wet grass, barking dogs, and windy weather.

My life verse is... Philippians 4:6–9.

My favorite children’s book is... I’m an avid reader, so picking any favorite kind of literature is virtually impossible. My go-to as a kid, however, was the Black Stallion series.

My nickname is... I have a bunch of nicknames—Rosy is the most commonly used one, and my family calls me Sarsh.

My worst habit is... best/worst habit is definitely coffee.

My Transforming experience is... coming out to Hawai‘i when I was only 19, never having been there, with no friends, no family, and no idea what I was walking into. Learning complete faith and trust in God was crucial, and although He has put me through a lot of trials, He has also provided for me every step of the way. I have completely been transformed since moving to Hawai‘i thanks to my church, my parents’ many prayers, and my Christian community that has been there to keep me accountable and to challenge me in my growth. I couldn’t be more thankful for the changes that have taken place as a result of moving here and am excited to see how this place continues to change me!

I was born... in Orville Ohio, home of Smuckers Jam. Hence one of my nicknames is Smuckers.

The best advice I could give a 20 year old is... travel as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to step out and push yourself. Value your relationships. Don’t be afraid to love on people.

My guilty pleasure is... Gilmore Girls, Moose Tracks ice cream, and <>.

My favorite sports team is... Oregon State University Beavers. My dad graduated from OSU and works for them now as a professor. I’m a “Beaver Believer” through and through.

I came to LCH because... I needed a job; however it is more than just a place that I clock in and out of. In the short time I have been here, I am already greatly impressed by the many ministries LCH is involved in, and the many ways that it is helping our community. The members have been incredibly welcoming and have gone out of their way to make me feel at home here. I love my job and love the place where I work!

If you want to know me in a nutshell, here it is. From rural Southern Oregon, I am a country girl at heart. My parents live in Klamath Falls, OR, and my older sister is married and completing her medical internship in Denver, CO. I am actively involved in my home church, Bluewater Mission. I originally studied kinesiology in college but ended up graduating from UH with a degree in sociology instead. After receiving my BA, I worked as the sustainability coordinator at the U.S. Coast Guard base in Honolulu.

I love the mountains, the outdoors, and being active. Fitness, nutritious eating, and healthy living are my passions in life. I am incredibly determined, motivated, organized, and independent. Baking, cooking, and trail running are some of my favorite hobbies. Even though I run for the freedom and enjoyment it brings me, I am also very competitive come race time. I unashamedly love country music and have played the harp since second grade. I put a lot of stock in my friendships and have been given amazing friends to share my life with. I value simplicity and integrity in life. Give me a good book and nothing will get done. I love to laugh and rarely get offended. I would rather spend my money on traveling than on a nice home or car, and I refuse to have a job that isn’t benefitting others or growing me as a person. Ideally, I would like to live overseas at some point in my life. I love my parents, love my friends, and love my life here in Hawai‘i. I am incredibly blessed and don’t realize that enough.

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