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Congregational Life at LCH—April, May, and June 2009

New Sun Shade for the Hörmann Courtyard

People have been talking about providing shade in the Hörmann Courtyard ever since the kukui tree was cut down several years ago. Those dreams became reality when a small crew of dedicated LCHers began installing a new sun shade on the morning of Saturday, June 27.

Prior to that day, Pastor Jeff Lilley and Jim Sullivan designed the shade and pulley system, and Jean and Jeff Lilley and Peggy Anderson sewed the 10′ 30′ panels. (The fabric is Sunbrella, a fabric used throughout the marine industry for sail covers, sunshades, winch covers, etc. It is durable, low stretch, easy to clean, and can be easily re-coated for water repellency.) Mahogany battens are inserted into end pockets to provide a bearing surface for the ropes suspending the panels above the courtyard.

The long work day began at 7:00 AM as the workers took down the existing roofing, which was cut up for disposal. The gutters were then all cleaned out (yielding bag after bag of messy debris), the walls were prepped, and then a pulley system was installed. While this was underway, the sun shade was sewn together in the Boardroom. Finally, late in the afternoon, two of the three sections were hoisted into place. The final section should be installed by next Sunday.

Thanks to Jeff, Jean, and Seth Lilley, Jim Sullivan, Edward Ichikawa, Peggy Anderson, and Tim Davis for all their hard work.

At right, Timothy cleans out the gutters while Jeff and Jim prep the walls.

Additional pictures from the work day will be available soon in the Courtyard Sun Shade slideshow.

Fun Day Marks End of Sunday School Year

The school year drew to an end on May 31 with the annual Sunday School Fun Day. As an extra treat, this year’s festivities included a feast of grilled hot dogs and lots of sweets. Inside Isenberg Hall, Sunday School children enjoyed a variety of games, the grab bag, and story telling (with birthday balloons for Pentecost).

At left, Kipp Luuloa and Fred Benco grill hot dogs and make other preparations for the Fun Day.

Additional pictures from the Pride parade are available in the Sunday School Fun Day 2009 slideshow.

LCH Marches in Annual Pride Parade

The whole LCH contingent poses for a picture at the end of the paradeAgain this year, a contingent of LCHers marched in Honolulu’s annual Pride parade. This year’s group—made up of everyone from toddlers to senior citizens—gathered early at Magic Island and prepared for the journey to Kapiolani Park in Waikiki on foot, in a truck, and even on a motorized scooter

A highlight this year was 250 shell lei which the Thursday Book of Faith Bible Study had decorated with rainbow ribbons and our new LCH cards. Marchers gave out the lei along the parade route, but they were so popular that they were all gone long before the end of the parade.

Additional pictures from the Pride parade are available in the Pride Parade 2009 slideshow.

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Janelle Hanson Weds Jon Allen

The LCH campus was particularly festive on Saturday, May 23, for the afternoon wedding of Janelle Hanson and Jon Allen.

Since Janelle is the daughter of Jeanette Hanson, chair of our Fellowship Committee, committee members went all out to decorate the courtyard with the couple’s chosen colors of pink, brown, and tan and prepare for the reception following the ceremony. Members of the F.R.O.G.S. Chamber Orchestra provided the prelude.

At left, Bride Janelle moves down the decorated ramp towards the Nave for her special moment.

Everyone at LCH joins in wishing the couple a long and happy life together.

LCH Representatives at Synod Assembly

The Pacifica Synod Assembly met May 21–23 in Riverside, CA, and LCH was well represented by Jim Niermann and Jeanne Castello. Business before the Assembly covered a wide range of issues, but of special interest were memorials to the upcoming Churchwide Assembly on the proposed Social Statement on Human Sexuality.

Jim kept many of us in the congregation informed about the business of the Synod Assembly via his email “Smoke Signals.” Additional information is available on the Synod website.

At right, LCH representatives Jim Niermann and Jeanne Castello meet with former Interim Pastor Steve Jensen between sessions of the Synod Assembly.

Bach Pilgrimage Continues

The on-going series of Bach Pilgrimage concerts continued on May 17 with music from J.S. Bach’s first year in Leipzig. The concert opened with the Prelude and Fugue in C major, BWV 547, and continued with Cantata Nr. 75, Die Elenden sollen essen (the first cantata written in Leipzig), sung by members of the Bach Chamber Choir.

The second half of the concert was devoted to the Magnificat in E flat major, sung by the LCH Choir. This original version of the Magnificat—better known in a later version in D major—was written for Vespers of Christmas Day and includes four interpolations for Christmas, sung by the Bach Chamber Choir from the opposite side of the Nave. Seating was arranged in “collegiate style” (with pews facing each other, as in the Thomaskirche) so the audience could better appreciate both choirs.

Following the concert, Cantor Carl Crosier bid farewell to three long-time members of the Bach Chamber Orchestra who will be leaving Honolulu.

In the photo, Tim Carney conducts the opening chorus of Cantata Nr. 75.

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LCH Celebrates Earth Day Sunday

Again this year, the whole congregation gathered to celebrate Earth Day Sunday, but perhaps most enthusiastic were the children. Between morning worship services, the children made a variety of posters emphasizing concepts like shrinking our carbon footprint. Once those has been finished, they headed off into the neighborhood around the church to pick up trash.

During both services, Jim Sullivan, our own sustainability guru, brought the message for both the children’s conversation and the the sermon.

At right, some of the children work on their Earth Day posters while a parent looks on and helps.

Additional pictures from Earth Day Sunday are available in the Earth Day Sunday 2009 slideshow.

A Day of Easter Joy

The joy of Easter stretched from morning to night at LCH. A large crowd gathered at 8:00 for the early service and then spilled out into the courtyard for food and fellowship. Children enjoyed a puppet show and then spread out over the campus looking for eggs. For the later service, the choir and a Baroque orchestra provided beautiful music amid the festively-decorated Nave. The long day of celebration concluded in the evening with Compline.

At left, the ministers lead the congregation in prayers during the 10:30 service.

Additional pictures from Easter day and from all of Holy Week are available in the Holy Week & Easter 2009 slideshow.

Preparing for the Easter Celebration

Early Saturday morning, a small crew from the Altar Guild and the Worship & Music Committee arrived to make preparations for Easter celebrations. There were paraments to change, banners to hang, pew “candles” to fill with oil and put in place, and of course, lilies to decorate the altar area.

At right, the Easter paraments have been hung, pew-end candles are in place, and the crew begins distributing lilies in the altar area. Towards the right side of the picture, you can see the lift used to reach high places in the Nave.

This year’s Easter celebration begins with the Great Vigil of Easter at 7:30 PM on Saturday, April 11, and continues Sunday morning, at 8:00 and 10:30 AM.

Holy Week Begins with Palm Sunday

The congregation of the Lutheran Church of Honolulu began Holy Week with the traditional Liturgy of the Palms in Hörmann Courtyard, followed by a procession into the Nave. The service continued with the Passion according to Mark.

At left, Pastor Jeff Lilley preaches on the Palm Sunday story prior to the blessing and distribution of palms.

Additional pictures from Palm Sunday, including new scarlet vestment introduced this Sunday, can be found in the Holy Week & Easter 2009 slideshow.

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