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Parking Lot Renovation Photos

Renovation of the back parking lot began on Saturday, December 17, 2011, with enough progress to allow its use on Christmas Eve. Finishing work was completed in January, and the lot was dedicated on January 28, 2012, as part of the annual congregational meeting held that day. Landscape work will begin soon. Photos on this page document progress on this project.

On Saturday, December 17, the crew arrived to begin demolition of the existing parking lot. The heavy equipment made easy work of the scarred asphalt.

By the end of the day, the old parking lot was a ruin, and worshippers Sunday morning were greeted by little more than piles of rubble. Additional photos are available on the LCH Facebook page.

Monday morning, December 19, the crew returned to finish clearing the area. They then went to work building forms for the concrete.

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Tuesday, water pipe sleeves and electrical conduits were installed to run future irrigation, lighting, or as yet undeveloped 21st century technology to the far side of the lot.  Concrete was laid on top to protect them.

The concrete trucks began to roll up on Wednesday, and half the lot was poured that day. The concrete was smoothed, scored, and left to dry. Additional photos are avaialble on the LCH Facebook page.

Thursday, December 22, the rest of the concrete was poured and left to dry. Additional photos are available on the LCH Facebook page.

Early Friday morning, Pastor Jeff and Jim Sullivan drove their cars onto the lot, and all the workers gathered around. Additional photos are available on the LCH Facebook page.

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The rest of the day on Friday, the crew filled in gravel around the lot and began work on drainage area on the makai side of the property.

While work was not complete, we were able to use the lot for services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

On Saturday, Pastor Jeff, Gaylen, and volunteers from the congregation installed the fences around the preschool, reinstalled some of the plants that had been moved, and cleaned up green waste along the makai end of the property.

The construction crew filled in the drainage area at the makai end of the parking lot with gravel. The area will also allow for additional parking when needed. Additional photos are available on the LCH Facebook page.

On Saturday, January 7, workers came in to stripe the parkingl lot. The renovated lot has diagonal parking, two handicapped stalls, and one-way traffic entering from Dominis and exiting to Poki Street. All that’s left is the landscapping. Additional photos are available on the LCH Facebook page.

On Saturday, January 14, plastic parking blocks were installed in the stalls on the side by tge building. Here Gaylen tightens the bolts on Sunday morning.

All that is left is the landscaping.

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