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LCH Sermons—Lent 2013

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Sunday of the Passion/Palm Sunday—March 24, 2013

Preacher: Pastor Jeff Lilley
Lessons: Luke 19:28–40 | Isaiah 50:4–9a | Psalm 31:9–16 | Luke 22:14—23:56
Summary: In the Gospel lesson of the Palm Sunday story, Jesus comes down from the mountain and is met by the crowd hailing the Messiah. So often we think we have to climb up to meet God, but God comes to meet us where we are.

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Fifth Sunday in Lent—March 17, 2013

Preacher: Pastor Angela Freeman
Lessons: Isaiah 43:16–21 | Psalm 126 | Philippians 3:4b–14 | John 12:1–8
Summary: In today’s first lesson from Isaiah, the prophet challenges the people in exile not to get bogged down in nostalgia but be prepared for God to do something new. The stories of our past are a foundation on which God is already doing a new thing. Following Jesus is a life of taking risks and moving into the unknown while holding on to the promise of God’s presence.

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Fourth Sunday in Lent—March 10, 2013

Preacher: Pastor Jeff Lilley
Lessons: Joshua 5:9–12 | Psalm 32 | 2 Corinthians 5:16–21 | Luke 15:1–3, 11b–32
Summary: In place of the children’s conversation and the sermon, Pastor Jeff Lilley presented a dramatic retelling of the Gospel lesson, the parable of the prodigal son, in which he voiced the roles the second (prodigal) son, the father, and the first son.

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Third Sunday in Lent—March 3, 2013

Preacher: Pastor Angela Freeman
Lessons: Isaiah 55:1–9 | Psalm 63:1–8 | 1 Corinthians 10:1–13 | Luke 13:1–9
Summary: During Lent we expect to hear about fasting, but in the first lesson from Isaiah, we are told to fill ourselves with good food that satisfies. In the Gospel, Jesus explains that God wants us to repent and bear good fruit. We are called to do more than take up space. Suffering does not come because of sin, nor do blessings come with good behavior. We are not called to be gluttons for punishment but to bear good fruit and live in God’s abundance.

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Second Sunday in Lent—February 24, 2013

Preacher: Pastor Jeff Lilley
Lessons: Genesis 15:1–12, 17–18 | Psalm 27 | Philippians 3:17—4:1 | Luke 13:31–35
Summary: In today’s Gospel, people warn Jesus that Herod is trying to kill him, but he says that he has work to do and will continue his journey to Jerusalem. We are the body of Christ, and we need to be about what God is calling us to do today, tomorrow, and into the future. We can be tempted to give up, but we are called to cast out demons, heal, and bring food and comfort to the needy. We do not know what the future will bring, but we can believe the promise given to Abraham that God will be with us.

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First Sunday in Lent—February 17, 2013

Preacher: Pastor Jeff Lilley
Lessons: Deuteronomy 26:1–11 | Psalm 91:1–2, 9–16 | Romans 10:8b–13 | Luke 4:1–13
Summary: People have mixed feelings about Lent. Some embrace this time of prayer, study, and preparation; and others find the season difficult or even depressing. In today’s Gospel, the Devil tempts Jesus, who always responds in a way that trusts God. In our lives, we are tempted to put our trust in many things. Of course, we are not called to throw up our hands and let events take over. We are called to trust that God is with us on our journey.

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