Pastor Jeff Lilley Pastor Jeff Lilley

Jeff Lilley


My idea of a perfect day is… spending time outdoors with my wonderful spouse Jean and my kids.

My biggest challenge is… balancing work and family time.

My biggest pet peeve is… pettiness.

My life verse is… “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God—what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Romans 12:2.

My last meal would be… ahi (rare), filet mignon (rare), steamed asparagus, pineapple gelato.

My worst habit is… eating too much.

I am happiest… when sharing meaningful time with family and friends.

My favorite Bible character is… Job. He has a wonderful complexity and faith.

The best advice I could give a 20 year old is… do not wait until you are rich enough, settled enough, faithful enough, strong enough, smart enough, or prepared enough. Live life fully, joyfully, faithfully and richly right now. But most of all, fall in love with life, and live your life with love.

My guilty pleasure is… I never feel guilty about pleasures.

The one thing I want to make sure people know about LCH is… LCH is a rare church where everyone is truly welcome—gay, straight, conservative, liberal, lost, brilliant, seeking, assured, helpless, and hopeful. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is here, and in this place we gather for worship, mutual consolation, and to be sent out to serve God’s world.

Pastor Jeff Lilley grew up in Arizona and California. He met his wonderful spouse Jean at Texas Lutheran College, and they were married immediately following her graduation. A graduate of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, California, he served his first parish in the rural community of Athol, KS. He then served Good Shepherd Lutheran in Lawrence, KS, for 12 years, and is delighted to have begun his ministry at Lutheran Church of Honolulu in 2007. He delights in worship, study of scripture and theology, and especially enjoys spirited debate on most any subject. He plays several instruments but enjoys guitar and mandolin for everyday play.

Pastor Jeff’s passions outside of church include time with family, sailing, old VWs, playing music, and more sailing.

Scott FikseScott Fikse

Scott Fikse

Director of Music and Liturgy

My idea of a perfect day is… hiking through the wilderness with good friends, enjoying some scotch at the end of our trek, and taking our time while breathing in the clean air.

My biggest challenge is… making time outside of work to enjoy life.

My biggest pet peeve is… people who are addicted to social media.

My favorite children’s bookis… Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

My last meal would be… beef Lasagna, with an inordinate amount of cheese, a glass of mourvèdre, garlic bread, peanut butter and chocolate gelato.

My nickname is… Scotty.

My worst habit is… leaving dishes to be washed the next day, or next next day. Gross.

I am happiest… I feel like I’ve accomplished something meaningful.

My favorite Bible character is… Gabriel the Archangel.

My transforming experience… visiting the Holy Land, exploring in the ancient cities, and imagining the generations of people who have lived and died there.

I was born… after my Mother prayed for Mary’s intercession.

The best advice I could give a 20 year old is… work hard. Take your time in life. Try to find happiness within yourself without needing the affirmation of others.

My guilty pleasure is… computer games.

My favorite sports team is… the Seattle Mariners.

The one thing I want to make sure people know about LCH is… It’s a community of genuine people with a genuine mission.

I came to LCH because… the music is outstanding.

Mark Wong looks up from the organ bench.Mark Wong looks up from the organ bench.

Mark Wong

Organist and Assistant to the Director of Music and Liturgy

My life verse is… “Leave it better than you found it.”

I am happiest when… I’m creating something.

The best advice I could give a 20 year old is… not to think like one.

I came to LCH because… music and worship are blended here with such beauty and care.

Pastor Angela introduces Anne Sing to the congregation during worship.

Anne Sing

Parish Administrator

My idea of a perfect day… is a cool rainy day with the house to myself, a really good book, recurring cups of tea with milk, and never changing out of my pajamas.

My biggest pet peeve is… the way people handle freeway merges—stopping up traffic behind them well before the merge point in hopes that someone will let them into line. Moving forward with the flow keeps traffic moving and allows the merge.

My life verse is… fairly new for me, within the last five years, and a continuing challenge. It is advice that Robert’s father gives him in A Day No Pigs Would Die by Robert Newton Peck: “Never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut.” I’ve put my foot in my mouth on too many occasions. Keeping this simple phrase in my head has helped avert a number of potentially embarrassing incidents in my recent history.

A few of my favorite books are… Watership Down by Richard Adams for beautiful descriptions and phrasing, All Creatures Great and Small and the rest of the series by James Herriot for great storytelling, Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice for language and conversation (okay, and romance), and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird for raising children, respecting people and general life lessons. Newer authors I am awed by are Hilary Jordan (Mudbound)—I wish I could compose words the way she does; making drudgery and despair beautiful to read—and Joseph Boyden (Three Day Road, Through Black Spruce, and The Orenda) who’s work is raw and often painful but his narrative skill is amazing.

My fantasy meal is… a sizeable Maine lobster with drawn butter, snow pea tendrils sautéed with garlic in olive oil, warm sour dough bread that crackles when you break it, and a bottle of good brut champagne. For dessert, a meringue bowl with lemon soufflé and fresh raspberries drizzled in raspberry coulis. Almost any pizza is always good too and I really like beans.

The thing I want to make sure people know about LCH is… how welcoming, engaging and involved the LCH community is. There are so many wonderful activities happening here and a great feeling of acceptance. I’m looking forward to getting to know this community of people.

As a navy “junior,” I grew up on or near the naval air station in Lemoore (San Joaquin Valley), CA, and graduated from high school in Fairfax, VA. Our family also spent 1.5 years in Monterey, CA, and a year in Newport, RI. As a child and young adult, my favorite place to visit was always my maternal grandparents’ house in South Bend, IN. I graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington, and spent a few months student teaching rural Indiana and in Inverness, Scotland ,before moving to Long Beach, CA, where I worked in oil shipping. I met my husband in Long Beach, CA, and moved to Honolulu in 1994. In 1999 we moved to San Antonio, TX, where my children were born, moved to Houston for one year in 2004, and finally found our way back to Honolulu in 2005, just in time for my daughter to start kindergarten. Honolulu has become the place I’ve lived longer than any other. I love the richness of culture in Hawaii. I feel privileged to live and raise my children here.