Privacy policies on most websites tell you what the management of that website will and won’t do with the personal information you give them. However, because we collect almost no information from our visitors, the main purpose of this page is to explain our policy about including personal information about the staff and congregation of LCH on this website.

Except for forms allowing you to ask questions, submit prayer requests, or request information, LCH does not gather information from you, our visitors. If you do use one of these forms, the information you submit is never stored on our website. Instead, it is transmitted via email to the appropriate staff person and kept confidential.

Privacy Policy

  1. We do our best to protect the personal information of everyone in the LCH ‘ohana. This information includes names, email addresses, home addresses, and phone numbers. Home addresses and home phone numbers are never published on the website. Other information is handled somewhat differently for staff, for members and friends, and for children and youth.
    • For staff, we list names, office email addresses, and office phone numbers.
    • For adult members and friends, we frequently list first and last names for people who are group leaders or contacts and when they are involved in an activity that we are writing about.
    • For children and youth, we do not usually use names, either in articles/stories or in photo captions. In the rare instances where a child or youth is named in an article, only the first name is used.
  2. We sometimes do post email addresses for individuals who are group leaders or contact people. In these cases, we prefer to use an LCH email address rather than the leader’ personal email address.
  3. We like to have photographs on our website to illustrate the variety of people and activities that characterize LCH. When we post pictures, we follow these guidelines:
    • Most photos are taken in public spaces and at public events.
    • We do not use photos that might be embarrassing, objectionable or hurtful to anyone in the picture.
    • We do not take photos of people we know are shy about having their pictures taken.
    • As stated above, we do not use names of children or youth in photo captions.
    • In most cases, we credit photographers on the page where their pictures are used, and we indicate copyright upon request.
    • We know that it is a privilege for us to use pictures of our members and friends on this website, and we will be happy remove any photo immediately upon request. Just ask the webmaster.