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From Pastor Jeff

The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has come near; repent, and believe in the good news. Mark 1:15

Repent is one of those out-of-vogue words that conjures images of greasy corner preachers shouting and shaking floppy bibles at passers-by. Repent reeks of limits, confessions, uptight morality, and conjured admissions of petty guilt. But maybe repentance is what we need in these dark days where yet another 17 people have been gunned down, this time in a high school in Florida. Maybe repentance—that old-fashioned word—might be helpful as we ponder a way forward as people of faith and as citizens of the world.

lenten cross graphicRepent means “to turn around and go the other way,” or “to change one’s mind.” Maybe we could use a little repentance. Immediately following the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, political pundits and gun-rights activists quickly asserted (again) “this is not the time to talk about gun control.” Upon hearing this, one of the students from the high school where the shooting occurred replied with an expletive, “Bulls***!” Together with other students, he reminded all of us that children are dying and the adults seem unable or unwilling to do anything about it. Another student said, “If you won’t lead, we will.” Sounds like a call to repentance to me.

Unwillingness to change has been demonstrated again and again in the days following the shootings. In fending off the call for stricter gun control, following the shootings in Parkland, Florida, one senator explained on national media that the weapon “could have been a brick or a rope.” The interviewer seemed stunned by the comment and reminded him about the shootings in Las Vegas: “Senator, you can’t kill dozens of people a minute with a brick.”

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus challenges the powers that bring death and hurt to those who are the least powerful. He breaks from long-standing tradition and eats with outcasts, heals lepers, gathers ruffians and saints alike around him as disciples. In his sermons and actions, he exposes our selfish actions and calls us to live for our neighbor, to set aside our petty desires for a greater good, and to love those who seem the least loveable. In the genuine encounter with God in Jesus, we find ourselves transformed, even freed, to serve our neighbor. Now that is repentance!

The problem, of course, is that repentance involves self-sacrifice. Laws, similar to those of other developed nations that restrict the number or type of weapons private citizens can own, will require individuals to give up a personal right in order to preserve the rights of others. That is hard, and it strikes fear in the hearts of those who equate the right to own any firearm with all rights and freedoms. It is also certainly true that gun control by itself will not eliminate the carnage plaguing our nation. But perhaps it might be a first sensible step toward developing national culture that puts the safety of children (and adults) above the absolute right to own and bear arms.

While the legal issues continue to be argued in the media and the courts, the fact is that we live in a culture where our children remain imperiled by the next person with a grudge to bear or an illness that plagues them. How can we not do everything we can to keep lethal, high-powered weapons out of their hands for the safety of all concerned?

Jesus’ call for repentance is meant to draw us away from that which brings death (hatred, selfish ambition, slavish devotion to tradition), and steer us toward that which brings life (love, giving of self for the sake of others, and empathy). For the sake of that self-giving love, help us, great God, to see a new way for the sake of our children.

Pastor Jeff

Council Membership 2018

We welcome new council members Bruce Holmberg, Willow Chang, Pam Buckley, and Hunter Nishimura (youth representative) to the council for the new year. We are very grateful to those accepting council leadership roles in 2018: Josie Bidgood, president; Juditha Murashige, vice president; Steve Miller, treasurer; and Mary Fastenau, secretary.

Mahalo to Randy Castello for his years of dedication to the LCH council. We also thank Craig Clissold and Karyn Castro for their previous council leadership and Mel Siebert and Dylan DePretto (youth representative) for council service in 2017.

Committee/Interest Group Chairs

Committee/Group Leader
Archive: Jim Cartwright
Concert: Scott Fikse
Communications: Carol Langner
Community Life: Larry Anderson
& Wayne Gau
Council: Josie Bidgood
Fellowship: Jeanne Castello
& Mary-Jo Estes
Finance: Steve Miller
Financial Review: Dori Palcovich
Food for Thought: Kathryn Klingebiel
Lay Ministers: Carolyn Koehler
Learning Ministry: Fred Benco
Mary Magdalene Society: James Cartwright
Process Theology: Fritz Fritschel
& Carol Langner
Property: Jean-Paul Klingebiel,
pro-tem, &
Greg Gebhardt
Scholarship: Fred Benco
Social Ministry: Jean Lilley
Stewardship: Pam Buckley
Sunday School: Laurie Leach
Worship & Music: Roy Helms
& Randy Castello
Writers’ Workshop: Kathryn Klingebiel
Youth: Pr. Jeff Lilley
& Georgine Stark

The Chairs Are Coming! Here’s How You Can Help

chair graphicThe current plan is for the new pew chairs to ship in March. We all know what shipping to Hawai‘i means, but the new look LCH is coming. That means we are kicking our fundraising into high gear. Here are a few ways you can help:

Silent Auction and Potluck—April 28

We are soliciting the amazing talent at LCH to make donations to the silent auction. We will set up a signup sheet in the Courtyard to allow you to make your donation. Just think of the amazing items we saw in Faith and Arts Sunday. We encourage you to be creative in your gifts. Here are a few early donations:

  • A dinner for four at Chez Stark prepared by Sophia Stark, who was recently named one of the 40 top contestants on MasterChef Junior Season 6. (Yes, you can also tune in on Fox starting at 6:00 pm on March 2 and watch Sophia.)
  • A half pew beautifully crafted by Pastor Jeff.
  • Amazing framed photographs by Aaron Gould.
  • Your item here.

Make a Donation

The chairs are coming in at $300 per seat. Our goal is to raise $60,000 to cover this wonderful new addition to our worship life. Please pick up a brochure at church to see how you can make your donation or pledge. If you want to make a donation by mail, just make out your check to Lutheran Church of Honolulu and add Pew Chairs in the subject line. You can also donate online at

Cash for Coffee

We also encourage you to drop a few pennies or dollars in the calabash when you are getting your coffee and refreshments on Sunday morning.

Thank you for your support for this ongoing effort.

New LCH Office Hours in 2018

  • Monday—9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Tuesday—9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Wednesday—12:00 noon to 4:00 pm
  • Thursday—9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Friday—9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Easter lilies graphicEaster Lilies

Help transform the Nave from Lent into Easter by donating money for an Easter lily to decorate the altar. Plants may be given in memory or honor of a loved one. Donation forms are in the usher basket or may be picked up in the church office. Thank you!

Book of Faith graphicBook of Faith Bible Study

Thursdays, 10:00–11:30 am • LCH Boardroom

The Book of Faith Bible Study meets on Thursday mornings in the Boardroom. All are welcome to join this lively discussion of the Biblical texts, relevant current events, and historical foundations. Please come for lively engaging fellowship and discussion!

Sophia and the Master ChefsSophia on MasterChefJunior

Season premiers Friday, March 2, 7:00 pm • FOX/KHON2

LCH’s own Sophia Stark is one of 40 contestants featured on MasterChefJunior. Cheer her on as she competes for the coveted white apron on the season premier, this Friday! You can also watch her cooking demo for the KHON2 morning TV show, Living 808, Friday, March 2, at 4:00 pm.

Food for Thought

food for thought graphicSaturday, March 3, 5:30–8:00 pm

Food for Thought will meet at the home of David Hörmann. All are welcome for potluck supper, video, and discussion. Our future meetings are planned for April 7, May 5, and June 2. For more information, contact the LCH office at 808-941-2566.

Angel Network In-Gathering

Sunday, March 4

On the first Sunday of each month, an in-gathering of food and personal items is collected at LCH for Angel Network, a ministry based out of Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church. The items are taken to Angel Network during the following week. Over 2,500 individuals are served monthly through this program. We are grateful for your generosity and support.

Godly Play—Sunday School News

Sunday Mornings 9:20–10:20 am

Seder plate graphicLCH offers Sunday school for children from kindergarten through senior high. The older children (grades 6–12) meet in the Rainbow room. The younger children (grades k–5) meet in the Godly Play room. All are welcome!

Below is the schedule of Godly Play stories for March:

  • March 4—The Faces of Easter III & IV
  • March 11—The Faces of Easter V & VI
  • March 18—Seder Meal
  • March 25—The Faces of Easter VII

Adult Forum: Using Dialogue to Understand Others

coffee graphicSundays, March 4, 11, and 25 at 9:20 am • LCH Boardroom

A major problem of our times is polarized opinions. People talk without listening. We do not know how to clearly express and amicably resolve our differences. Come explore and practice techniques of dialogue and agreement. Dr. Steve Miller leads the discussion.

  • March 4—Talking, Conversation, Dialogue
  • March 11—Real Dialogue: Being Understood
  • March 18—Seder Meal, no Adult Forum
  • March 25—Coming to Agreement

meeting graphicLeadership Roundtable

Sunday, March 4, 11:45 am • LCH Boardroom

Committee chairs and team leaders, please plan to gather for a short (45 minute) meeting. This is an opportunity for us to sit down together and share information on what is happening with all the ministries at LCH. If you are a committee or team leader, please be prepared to share a little information on your activities with the group. Mahalo and see you there!


candle graphicSunday, March 4 & 18, 7:30 pm

Join us for Compline every first and third Sunday of the month, led a cappella by the Men’s Schola. This is a peaceful experience of rejuvenation and prayer.

Lenten Soup and Salad Suppers

soup graphicWednesdays of Lent, through March 21, 6:00 pm • Isenberg Hall

Please join in this wonderful time of fellowship and prayer, beginning each week with a simple soup and salad supper, Wednesday evenings during the season of Lent. Suppers will be served at 6:00 pm, prior to 7:00 pm Lenten Services. A sign-up sheet will be available in the Courtyard for contributions to each week’s meal and for help with set-up and clean-up. See Mary Jo Estes or call the LCH office for more information.

Process Forum

Saturday, March 10, 9:30 am • LCH Boardroom

All are welcome to attend this adult forum, with a discussion topic usually selected from the website The website is devoted to articles exploring various aspects of process thought and contemporary concerns such as theology, economics, social change, and other intersections of faith and life. It’s always a lively group, with an open-door policy. Again, all welcome. The article for discussion will be announced soon.

Holoholo Pick-Up

Holoholo General Store logoTuesdays, March 13 and 27, 2:30–4:00 pm • LCH Boardroom

Holoholo General Store is a Community Supported Agriculture organization, or csa, that works with LCH to bring you fresh produce from multiple, local farms. For more information visit their website at for bag options and prices and to sign up.

The LCH OFFICE will have limited coverage

Thursday, March 15 through Monday, March 19 while the administrator is on vacation

IHS logoIHS Meals Prepared and Served

Friday, March 16, 1:30 pm prep/5:30 pm serve

For over 25 years, LCH has shopped for, prepared, and served a special dinner on the third Friday of each month for over 300 of Honolulu’s homeless. The cost is underwritten by the LCH budget and by a grant from the German Benevolent Society of Hawai‘i. Shoppers, cooks, and servers are needed each month. To learn more about the Institute for Human Services, visit their website at Contact the LCH office or speak to Jimmy Castro for more information.

Hukilau Conference

Saturday, March 17, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm • Maluhia Lutheran Church, 85-256 Farrington Hwy, Wai‘anae

This is an opportunity to gather together as ELCA Lutherans in Hawai‘i to share our stories, discuss possible joint ministry efforts, and prepare for the annual Synod Assembly. Every congregation has an opportunity to share a thre-minute highlight of their current ministry. Please come prepared to talk about a new ministry in your congregation that you are excited about.

There is a per person cost of $10 to cover lunch expenses, but LCH will pay for your lunch! The hope is that at least two lay members from each congregation in the conference will be present. Please contact the LCH office no later than March 7 if you plan to attend.

Mary Magdalene Society

Saturday, March 17, 6:00 pm • Isenberg Hall

gay pride flag graphicLGBTQI and friends, please join our potluck supper and games or video night in Isenberg Hall. Supper begins at 6:00 pm with games or video to follow. Set up begins at 5:30, and help is greatly appreciated. Please bring a food item to share.

Games and or videos are also welcome for after-dinner entertainment. If you are bringing a video, please let Roy Helms or Bill Potter know in advance so that we can line up the equipment for viewing.

For more information, contact Roy Helms. Please share information of this gathering and an invitation to other LGBTQI and friends you know who may be interested in socializing with us.

Join the children at the Seder Meal

Sunday, March 18, 9:20 am • Isenberg Hall

Between services, the children of the Sunday school will again host an abbreviated Seder meal in Isenberg Hall. This is a traditional part of our Easter preparation in the Lutheran Church of Honolulu. It is the Old Testament remembrance of God’s special relationship with his people and the freeing of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Join us to learn more on March 18.

LCH Women’s Book Club

books graphicMonday, March 19, 10:00 am

We meet at the Murashige’s for discussion of Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. Billie Jean leads the discussion. On April 16, we will gather to consider one of the classic mysteries by Ellis Peter, featuring Inspector George Felse. Mary Jo will lead, and the meeting location will be announced as soon as it is confirmed. Newcomers are welcome. Please contact the church office if you have questions, 808-941-2566.

Writers’ Workshop

feather pen graphicMonday, March 19, 4:30 pm • LCH Boardroom

Writers’ Workshop will meet in the boardroom at LCH. All are welcome. Further meetings are scheduled for April 16, May 21, and possibly June 18. For more information, contact the LCH office at 808-941-2566.

One Pot, One Hope

Saturday, March 24, 9:30 am

A consistent group of LCH volunteers helps feed 100 to 125 people each month in Wai‘anae. Help support this mission outreach project by participating or by bringing donations of designated items—Costco gallon-sized cans of chili, fresh fruit, granola bars, bottled water, recycled grocery bags, and large cardboard boxes—or checks, payable to “One Pot, One Hope.” Bring donated items to church on the third Sunday of the month. See Peggy Anderson for more information, including volunteering and carpool. We are in need of chili donations, #10 sized cans (from Costco or Sams Club).

Holy Week and Easter at LCH

Holy Week graphicAll are invited to share in our observance of the Easter Triduum: The Great Three Days. During this powerful journey, we explore how God makes all things new through Jesus’ passover from death to life. This year the LCH Choir will be joined by guest artists from Hawai‘i Opera Theatre—Sarah Lambert Connelly, Simon Crookall, Rivers Hawkins, and Logan Webber.

  • March 29, 7:30 pm + Maundy Thursday + A New Word
    We remember Jesus washing the disciples’ feet, and the Last Supper. Music by 20th Century composers Hallock, Gjeilo, and Leighton.
  • March 30, 7:30 pm + Good Friday + A New Lament
    Choral settings of Psalm 22 weave together the Good Friday service. The choir presents a moving retelling of the Passion as set by composer Zachary Wadsworth, and we finish with Antonio Lotti’s masterpiece, Crucifixus.
  • March 31, 7:30 pm + The Great Vigil of Easter + A New Fire
    “Behold, I am doing a new thing! I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” The first celebration of Easter, featuring music by Renaissance masters Palestrina, Hassler, and Lassus. Following worship, the congregation breaks their Lenten fast with a sweet feast of champagne, strawberries, and cookies in the courtyard.
  • April 1, 8:00 am + Easter Morning + A New Dawn
    Easter worship with the Early Worship Ensemble and brass quintet. Spirited Easter hymns accompany our service of Holy Communion with the fully-scored Alleluia Mass, commissioned by LCH, and works for brass.
  • April 1, 10:30 am + Festival Choral Eucharist + A New Dawn
    Celebrate the blessed Easter morning with brass from the Hawai‘i Symphony Brass and the LCH Choir. The choir will sing Anglican composer Samuel Wesley’s Blessed be the God and Father, famous for its debut at Hereford Cathedral on Easter Sunday in 1853.
  • April 1, 7:30 pm + Compline for Easter Sunday
    Contemplative Easter meditation offered by the LCH Men’s Schola. Candlelight illuminates the Nave for this short service of prayer, chant, and a cappella singing.

Easter brunch graphicEaster Potluck

Easter Sunday, April 1, at 9:15 am

Join in the fun of fellowship and food at the Easter Sunday Potluck Brunch between services on Easter Sunday. We welcome your favorite breakfast dish or casserole, breads, pastries, fruit, or any other food item to share with everyone. We also need help with table set up and clean up. Look for the sign-up sheet in the Hörmann Courtyard or see Mary Jo Estes.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt graphicSunday, April 1, between services

The Sunday school will have an egg hunt between services for children grade 5 and younger. (The older children get to hide the eggs!) We will have a puppet show in the Godly Play room at 9:20 am for the egg hunters while the eggs are being hidden. Bring a basket if you have one, but there will be extra baskets available.

Wounded Warriors logoDonate Your Gift Cards for Wounded Warriors

Friends of Windward Wounded Warriors are requesting donations of unused or unwanted gift cards that you may have forgotten about or ignored in your wallet for some time.

If you are willing to donate meal or retail gift cards, you may drop them in the calabash during Sunday service, or send them to the LCH church office. We will forward them to Rev. Steve Jensen for distribution to individual warriors or warrior families in need. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Orion PittsRemembrance of Orion Pitts

Long-time LCH friend, Orion Pitts—whom some may remember as Sidney, from his two years in the Navy here during the 1970s—has passed away. Orion was a consummate church musician, the very soul of First United Lutheran Church in San Francisco, where he served as the director of music as well as office administrator. We mourn the unexpected loss of a very fine friend.

2017 AIDS Walk

Sunday April 22, 8:00 am • Kapi‘olani Park Bandstand

Life Foundation logoJoin the LCH AIDS Walk team as we support Life Foundation, the largest provider of services to persons living with HIV/AIDS in Hawai‘i! Each year, our congregation gathers a team to raise funds and fun for the AIDS walk. The 5k-walk around Kapi‘olani Park is an easy stroll with water and rest stations along the way. There will be music, dancing, vendors, prizes, costumes, and craziness to support this very serious need in our community. Life Foundation helps where others will not. In addition to working with local clients, they are a source of information and training for AIDS organizations throughout the Pacific.

How can you help? Join our team online at and click on “Register to Walk.” Choose Lutheran Church of Honolulu as your team. You may also sign up in the Courtyard between Sunday services. Then, ask your friends to sponsor you for the walk. Our team goal this year is to raise $2,500 for the Life Foundation!

Electronic Funds Transfers for January
Offering Fund Amount Offering Fund Amount
Offering $4,615 Capital Improvements $110
Music Fund/Instruments $210 Wounded Warriors $120
Shallow Subsidy $70
Attendance and Offerings for February
Date Worship Service Attendance Offering Fund Amount
February 4 8:00 am Service 53 Offering $2,682
10:30 am Service 78 Shallow Subsidy $445
Compline 18 Music/Instruments $82
Total 149 Pew Chair Fund $550
Social Ministries/IHS $10
Carnival Parking $6,890
February 11 8:00 am Service 50 Offering $2,281
10:30 am Service 74 Pew Chair Fund $900
Total 124 Shallow Subsidy $30
Social Ministries/IHS $30
Music/Instruments $15
February 18   8:00 am Service 42 Offering $2,622
10:30 am Service 96 Shallow Subsidy $30
Compline 31 Pew Chair Fund $3,900
Total 169
February 25   8:00 am Service 48 Offering $2,615
10:30 am Service 84 Social Ministries/IHS $92
Total 132 Shallow Subsidy $30
Music/Instruments $20
Pew Chair Fund $44
Domestic Relief $25

HeartBeat Deadline

Tuesday, March 20, 9:00 am

Prayer Requests

Jennifer, Karen, Katie and Tyler, Kim K., Kim V., Kirsten,
Lee M., Lori L., Marguerite, Micki S., Shirley, Swede,
Tammy, Vonia

February Birthdays
03/05 Hunter N.
03/06 Nathalie J.
03/07 Lillie J.
03/07 Brian Weis
03/18 Ken Bauchle
03/18 Donald Womack
03/23 Nicholas Castello
03/28 Olivia Castro
Daffodil: March birth flower

LCH Worship Participants
Holy Communion (8:00 am)
DATE March 4 March 11 March 18 March 25
Palm Sunday
LECTOR Jim Sullivan Peggy Anderson Jimmy Castro Cindy Scheinert
Bobby Broyles Tim Freson Peggy Anderson Laurie Leach
Amanda Lippert
Kyra Takamiya
Don Johnson
Sophia S.
Wayne Gau
Peggy Anderson
Laurie Leach
Stephanie Luuloa
Don Johnson
Sophia S.
Wayne Gau
Chuck Huxel
ACOLYTE Dylan D. Raphael S. Hunter N. Raphael S.
  Stephanie Luuloa    
USHERS Fred Benco
Billie Jean Ries
Dylan DePretto
Mary Fastenau
Choral Eucharist (10:30 am)
DATE March 4 March 11 March 18 March 25
Palm Sunday
LECTOR Peggy Brandt Randy Castello Peter Flachsbart Roy Helms
DEACON Frank Haas Josie Bidgood David Barber Marcus Fikse
SUB-DEACON David Barber Marcus Fikse Josie Bidgood Chuck Pearson
Sue Haas
Mary Fastenau
Chuck Pearson
Teresa McCreary
Frank Haas
Sue Haas
Mary Fastenau
Randy Christensen
Coco J.
Rebecca L.
Iara N.
Rebecca L.
Mary F.
Iara N.
  John Bickel    
USHERS Peter Flachsbart
Bill Fay
Chuck Huxel
Jean-Paul Klingebiel
Chuck Pearson
Olivia Castro
Mary Jo Estes
Billie Jean Ries
Noelani Nitz
Triduum (7:30 pm)
DATE March 29
Maundy Thursday
March 30
Good Friday
March 31
Easter Vigil
LECTORS Chuck Huxel   Aaron Gould
Jim Sullivan
Roy Helms
Jimmy Castro
Jim Cartwright
Peter Flachsbart
GOSPELERS   Simon Crookall
Logan Webber
Randy Castello
DEACON Josie Bidgood Mary Fastenau Marcus Fikse
SUB-DEACON Chuck Pearson Don Johnson Peggy Anderson
Phyllis Hörmann
Peggy Anderson
  Mary Fastenau
Wayne Gau
Hunter N.
  Roy Helms
Rebecca Lentz
BANNER BEARER     Frank Haas
Mary Fastenau
THURIFER     Needed
BOAT BEARER     Needed

Calendar: March 2018
Day Date Event and Time
Thursday March 1 10:00 am, Book of Faith Bible Study
2:30 pm, Weekly Staff meeting
7:00 pm, LCH Choir Rehearsal
Friday March 2 7:30 pm, Chamber Music Hawaii Concert
Saturday March 3 5:30 pm, Food for Thought
Sunday March 4 Angel Network In-Gathering
8:00 am, Holy Communion
9:20 am, Christian Education—all ages
10:30 am, Choral Eucharist
11:45 am, Leadership Roundtable
7:30 pm, Compline
Monday March 5 6:00 pm, Early Worship Ensemble Rehearsal
Wednesday March 6 6:00 pm, Lenten Soup & Salad Supper
7:00 pm, Lenten Evening Prayer Service
Thursday March 8 10:00 am, Book of Faith Bible Study
2:30 pm, Weekly Staff meeting
7:00 pm, LCH Choir Rehearsal
Saturday March 10 9:30 am, Process Forum
7:30 pm, Early Music Hawaii Concert
Sunday March 11 8:00 am, Holy Communion
9:20 am, Christian Education—all ages
10:30 am, Choral Eucharist
11:45 am, Pew Chair Committee Meeting
Monday March 12 6:00 pm, Worship & Music Meeting
7:00 pm, Early Worship Ensemble Rehearsal
Tuesday March 13 2:30 pm, Holoholo Pick-up
Wednesday March 14 6:00 pm, Lenten Soup & Salad Supper
7:00 pm, Lenten Evening Prayer Service
Thursday March 15 10:00 am, Book of Faith Bible Study
2:30 pm, Weekly Staff Meeting
7:00 pm, LCH Choir Rehearsal
Friday March 16 1:00 pm, IHS Meals Prepared
5:30 pm, IHS Meals Served
Saturday March 17 6:00 pm, Mary Magdalene Society
Sunday March 18 8:00 am, Holy Communion
9:20 am, Christian Education—all ages
10:30 am, Choral Eucharist
7:30 pm, Compline
Monday March 19 10:00 am, Women’s Book Club
4:30 pm, Writers’ Workshop
6:00 pm, Early Worship Ensemble Rehearsal
Tuesday March 20 HeartBeat Submissions Deadline
Wednesday March 21 12:30 pm, Finance Committee Meeting
6:00 pm, Lenten Soup & Salad Supper
7:00 pm, Lenten Evening Prayer Service
Thursday March 22 10:00 am, Book of Faith Bible Study
2:30 pm, Weekly Staff Meeting
7:00 pm, LCH Choir Rehearsal
Friday March 23 7:00 pm, HPU Moonlight Serenade
Saturday March 24 7:30 am, UH Concert at LCH, “Voices of Aloha”
Sunday March 25 Palm Sunday
8:00 am, Holy Communion

9:20 am, Christian Education—all ages
10:30 am, Choral Eucharist
Monday March 26 6:00 pm, Early Worship Ensemble Rehearsal
7:00 pm, LCH Choir Rehearsal
Tuesday March 27 2:30 pm, Holoholo Pick-up
6:30 pm, LCH Council Meeting
Thursday March 29 Maundy Thursday
2:30 pm, Weekly Staff Meeting
7:30 pm, Maundy Thursday Worship
Friday March 30 Good Friday
7:30 pm, Good Friday Worship
Saturday March 31 Holy Saturday
9:30 am, One Pot One Hope
6:30 pm, Easter Vigil Liturgist Practice
7:30 pm, Easter Vigil Worship