Welcome! E komo mai!

We welcome you and are glad you can visit LCH here through the website. This congregation is a vibrant and faithful congregation of people. Hopefully you will get a taste of the life of the congregation through this site. When you are able, please come and share time with LCH during a worship service or another activity you see on the calendar.

If you have a spiritual question or concern, you are welcome to call the church at 1-808-941-2566 and ask to speak with Pastor Jeff Lilley, or you can email him at pr.jeff@lchwelcome.org.

On this page, you will find information about Getting to LCH, Parking, and Getting around the LCH Campus. For more information about our worship services, please visit out What to Expect in Worship page.

Getting to LCH

The church is located in Makiki, on the corner of Dominis and Punahou, across from Punahou School. Here is several choices for information about getting to the church.


Map showing church parking lots.There is limited parking for newcomers in the lot behind the church at the corner of Dominis and Poki.

If the lot behind the church is full, please turn mauka (toward the mountains) on Poki Street and park in the church lot there. It is located just beyond the apartment building on the corner.

Getting around the LCH Campus

The Punahou Street entrance.

Punahou Entrance—The church building is set back a little from Punahou Street and among some mature trees. The steps and walkway to the left of the picture will take you into the courtyard. If steps are a problem, the other entrances are fully accessible.

The back parking lot and entrance to the courtyard.

Parking Lot Entrance—If you park in the small lot behind the church, you can enter the courtyard directly from the parking lot. The entrance is to the right of the blue car parked near the building. There are two designated handicapped parking spots. The blue car is in one, and the second is on the other side of the walkway to the entrance.

The back of the church building showing the Dominis Street entrance

Dominis Street Entrance—If you park in the larger lot on Poki Street, you can enter the campus through the gateway to the left of the red church sign. The walkway will take you past the church office and the restrooms, and to your left you’ll find a ramp down into the courtyard.