For the 2014–15 program year, LCH is embarked on a journey of “year-round” stewardship. We will be exploring how we as people of faith and as a congregation can be good stewards of our whole Lives and exploring ways we’re being called deeper into the our lives of faith.

The goal of stewardship is to help God’s people grow in their relationship with Jesus through the use of their time, talents, and finances that God has entrusted to us. It is about using our whole lives to serve and love God.

  • October: Stewardship of Our Keiki (children)—Describing this aspect of stewardship, Linda Miller wrote, “The stewardship of our keiki (children) is a perfect example of a place where the people of LCH uses all three aspects of stewardship—time, talent, and money. There are many ways we support our keiki: children’s conversations with the pastors during the service, confirmation classes, O‘ahu Youth Group, OYEA, summer camps, and of course Sunday morning fellowship.” Read more of Linda’s article….
  • November: Stewardship of Our Financial Lives—Looking at bringing balance to our financial lives, Gary Brauer wrote, “God’s gifts to us are too many to count, and your gifts may not be my gifts. Still, we are stewards of the gifts we do have: our talents and abilities, our keiki (children), our mental and physical resilience, our financial health, our time, our varied ‘ohana (family), our faith, and more. How can we, as stewards, develop our gifts from God?” Read more of Gary’s article…. 2015 Commitment Materials….
  • December: Stewardship of our Time—Discussing how we can be good stewards of our time, Georgine Stark wrote, “We may all be different but God has given everyone of us the same amount of time each day. … It is up to us to learn how to best use the time God has given us, but how do we do this? With our over-booked lives of family, work, and everything in between, how do we truly live?” Read more of Georgine’s article….
  • January: Stewardship of Stuff—Peggy Anderson challenged us to be good stewards of our stuff with this question, “How can we be grateful for the blessings that God gives us and at the same time build a more compassionate future for our world?” Read more of Peggy’s article….
  • February: Stewardship of Talents—Steve Miller reminds us that “the ongoing life of the church is sustained by the personal, active contributions of our members and friends” and identifies some of the ways these talents have enriched our life as a congregation. Read more of Steve’s article….
  • March: Stewardship of the LCH Campus—April Smith encouraged us in our commitment to take care of our cmpus. Read more of April’s article….
  • April: Stewardship of Creation—Clint Conrad reminds us that Creation is everything around us and includes the beautiful places we enjoy, the living beings that share our word, strange and exotic environments we will never be able to visit, and places that have been drastically altered by humanity. He then asks, “What does it mean to be good stewards of all of these different facets of Creation?” Read Clint’s answer….
  • May: Stewardship of Work/Careers—Bill Potter explores the Lutheran understanding of work and career Read his article….
  • June: Stewardship of Family and Friends—The Stewardship Committee shares thoughts about how we can honor God by spending quality time with and supporting our friends and family. Read their suggestons….
  • July: Stewardship of Leisure Time—Charles C., one of our youth, writes about the blessings of leisure time. Read what he has to say….
  • August: Stewardship of the Sacraments—Bob Zimmer shares his thoughts about use of the sacraments. Read Bob’s article….
  • September: Stewardship of Our Community—Retired Marine Chaplain Steve Jensen describes to the LCH does for the Wounded Warrior Battalion at Marine Base Hawaii‘i. Learn more about this work….