Worship at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu

Everyone is welcome to worship at LCH. We hope you will find Christ in the worship and in the fellowship.

Our pastors share a message with the congregation about God’s love as revealed in Scripture, both in a special children’s conversation and in the adult sermon.

And we all gather around the communion table to share in God’s feast of love. As part of our commitment to welcoming all, gluten-free wafers and grape juice are available every time holy communion is shared.

There are three distinct weekly worship opportunities at LCH. See further description below.

Holy Communion—Sunday mornings at 8:00 am

Pastor Jeff serves communion at the altar rail.Pastor Jeff serves communion at the altar rail.

The Early Worship Ensemble leads the music at our early worship service in this family worship. We gather with joyous contemporary music to praise God and prepare to go out into the world.

The ensemble of singers and instrumentalists—guitar, flute, violin, steel drums, and piano—lead us to sing our hopes and beliefs.

Our pastor will offer a message based on the assigned scripture for the day and holy communion is shared every Sunday.

Choral Eucharist—Sunday mornings at 10:30 am

The LCH Choir sings during at worship at 10:30. In this choral worship service, the choir leads us in worship with great liturgical music, both classical and modern.

The majestic sounds of our German-built tracker organ inspire us to prayer and praise.

Our pastor will offer a message based on the assigned scripture for the day and holy communion is shared every Sunday.

Compline—First and third Sunday evenings at 7:30 pm

Compline is a quiet, meditative service held twice monthly on the first and third Sundays. The liturgy is simple with emphasis on Word, reflection, and music. Both are lay-led and do not include communion. Instead, the liturgy includes elements commonly found in the traditional evening services.

A unique opportunity…On the third Sunday during the school year, Compline is preceded by “Exploring Boundaries…and Beyond,” an exploration of ideas and values at the boundaries where our faith meets the rest of the world. The presenters come from LCH, the universities, and the wider community. The presentations begin at 6:00 pm in Isenberg Hall and end at 7:15, in plenty of time for Vompline. More information and a schedule of presentations is available on the Exploring Boundaries…and Beyond page.

Please note that in some months a major worship event may replace Compline. On those evenings, service will still be at 7:30 but may be a Vespers service with the LCH Choir or an event like Advent Procession.