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Arts and Faith Sunday 2007

LCH’s Annual Arts and Faith Sunday is an opportunity to celebrate the role of the arts in shaping, expressing, and enriching our faith. This year’s celebration on Sunday, February 11, once again included special music, poetry, and displays of visual arts.

Everyone enjoyed the range of artistic expression—including drawings, paintings, woodwork, photography, and many craft media—selected samples of which are shown on this page.

To the right are “Dutch Still Life—Hawaiian Style” (oil on canvas) by Kelly Sueda; “Walnut Lake in the Middle of Rod-e-ro Valley” (paper maché/mixed media) by Niell G.; and “Mandrick’s Village” (paper maché/mixed media) by Mitchell G.

To the left are “Niell” (acrylic on canvas) by Mitchell G.; “Geometric Figure” (stained glass) by Randy Castello; “Tree” (knitted cotton) and “Frog” and “Auntie” (felted wool) by Stephanie Miller; “Green Man” (painting) by Jean-Paul Klingebiel; “Self Portrait” (photography) by Lillie J.; “Best Friends” (photo, paper, and macaroni) by Miranda L.; “Frog Puzzle” (photography) by Colin B.; and Washi paper crafts by Mary-Jo Estes.

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Above are a yarn afghan by Mary-Jo Estes; “Shrug” (crocheted yarn) and “Poncho” (knitted yarn) by Stephanie Miller; “The Temple” (construction paper and glue) by Max W.; “Willie the Cat” (acrylic) by Nathalie J.; “Hyperactive Panda” (photography) by Steve Miller; liturgical lei (fun yarn) by Peggy Anderson; “Me” (watercolor) by Reid W.; and “Etude in Blues and Browns,” “Pleiades,” “Midnight Swirl,” and “Shadows” (quilting) by Biz Person

Below are “Prayer Flags near Lhasa,” “Buddha’s Birth Place,” “East Gate at Kapilvastu,” and “Nepal, The Way to the Elephants” (photography) by Steve Miller; “Weathered” (photography) by Rusty Walker; “No. 7” (pencil on paper) by Niell G.; “Split,” (photography) by Rusty Walker; “Mokulua Islands,” “Kailua Dawn,” and “New Creation” (photography) by Steve Jensen; “Boa Shawl” (fun yarns) by Linda Miller; and “Spider Web Poncho” (silk Yarn) by Linda Miller

Bob Tellander displayed “Extended Congregation, ” a group of portraits he had collected over the years of people all around the world.

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LCH Writers Workshop members shared their work in prose and poetry by posting on the bulletin board. The display included contributions by who?.

Chuck Huxel reads poems from members of the Writers’ Workshop

Kathy Crosier showed examples of her scrapbooks.

A special place was reserved for examples of the work of Gayle Shine, who passed away on Christmas Eve in 2006.

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