Scarlet Paraments—Banner The Holy Week banner is made of a combination of strips of chenille (acrylic, rayon, and cotton) of various shades of red and kiawe (Hawaiin for mequite or algarroba, a thorny tree native to Peru and introduced to Hawai‘i in 1828) branches.

Weaver Juditha Murashige describes the creation of the banner this way: “I initially wove [the strips] during the first gulf war. I intended these for an art piece which was unsuccessful. Reluctant to toss all that work, I tried for several years to ‘rework’ the strips. The colors worked with the other woven piece, and I have a fondness for the niche by the altar, so the strips became the foundation for the banner. Carol Langner, Randy Castello, and I attached the branches.”

The red strips of cloth and thorny brances bring to mind Jesus’ torn and blood-saoked garments and the crown of thorns from the Passion Gospel read on Palm Sunday.

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