Hawaiian White Paraments—Altar Frontal The altar frontal has three panels of Hawaiian-style quilts hand-sewn and quilted by Mrs. Evelyn Cabral.

The center panel features a yellow cross overlaid in stylized laua‘e ferns and white Easter lilies. Laua‘e is a fragrant fern found all over the Hawaiian Islands, but the word has a second meaning of “beloved” or “sweet.” Thus, the laua‘e ferns remind us that Christ is God’s beloved.

The side panels echo the cross through double ‘ilima lei. Because ‘ilima lei were traditionally worn only by Hawaiian ali‘i (royalty), the lei symbolize the sovereignty of Christ. In addition, ‘ilima is the flower associated with the island of O‘ahu, thus identifying these paraments with our island. The lei motif is repeated on the vestments.

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