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Summer 2006 Renovations

The last three projects of the first phase of the Capital Campaign are under way this summer—renovations of the kitchen and the rest rooms and replacement of the temporary ramp into the courtyard. All three projects were scheduled for the two weeks the preschool is on summer vacation, July 22 through August 6. Contracts have been signed for the actual reconstruction efforts, with members responsible for demolition and several other aspects of the projects.

Some of the sinks and counters purchased for the renovation of the kitchenFrom the beginning, the Development Task Force has made every effort to keep costs within the scope of available money. They located used stainless steel tables and a three-compartment sink at a great price, and these items were stored on site until the renovations begin (picture to the right). They also have a wish list of new appliances for future replacement as funds become available, including a dishwashing machine, a commercial refrigerator, a convection oven, and a new range.

Plans for the renovated rest rooms called for new commodes and sinks, as well as new floor tiles, mirrors, shelves, and changing tables, as well as new lights and ventilation fans, and—for the first time—hot water.

In addition to the work in the kitchen and the rest rooms, the “temporary” ramp to the courtyard was taken out and replaced by a permanent concrete ramp with the proper slope.

The project got underway on Friday evening, July 21, with a “soft demolition” to prepare for the real demolition work the next day. On Saturday, the bathrooms were gutted—removing fixtures, partitions, and floor tiles—and in the kitchen, the lower cabinets were all removed and one set of upper cabinets were taken down so that they can be relocated. Everything was taken out to a big dumpster to be hauled away. See pictures from the demolition.

The contractors went to work on Monday, July 24, and for a few days, LCH was a very noisy place. With help from the LCH community, most of the work was completed in time for the return of the Preschool on August 7, and a rededication blessing was held after morning worship on Sunday, August 13. See pictures from the construction period.

The kitchen before renovations The kitchen before renovations The kitchen after renovations
Kitchen: before renovations
during renovations after renovations
The men’s rest room before renovations The women’s rest room during renovations The men’ rest room after renovations
Rest rooms: before renovations during renovations after renovations
  The ramp during renovations The ramo after renovations
Ramp: during renovations after renovations

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