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LCH Children’s Conversations—Lent 2011

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Palm Sunday—April 17, 2011

No Children’s Conversation

Fifth Sunday in Lent—April 10, 2011

Preacher: Pastor Jeff Lilley
Summary: In today’s first lesson, Ezekiel sees the dry bones, and God tells him to prophesy. The bones come together, and then God tells him to prophesy to the wind, and the bones come to life. This shell is like a dry bone, but when someone blows breath, it comes to life with sound. May God always give us breath and bring us life.

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Fourth Sunday in Lent—April 3, 2011

Preacher: Pastor Jeff Lilley
Summary: If you cover your eyes, everything is dark; but when you uncover them, you can see light and colors. Many blind people learn to “see” in a different way through sound. In today’s Gospel, Jesus is inviting us to learn to see in a new way, through the eyes of God’s love.

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Third Sunday in Lent—March 27, 2011

Preacher: Pastor Steve Jensen
Summary: In today’s Gospel, Jesus talks to a woman at a well. People thought it was strange because she was different from him. When I was a kid, some children in our neighborhood weren’t allowed to pray with us because our religions were different. But Jesus tells us to love everyone because we are all children of the same father. And that father is God.

Sermon audio unavailable because of technical difficulties.

Second Sunday in Lent—March 20, 2011

Preacher: Pastor Jeff Lilley
Summary: In today’s Gospel, Nicodemus asks Jesus what he is doing, and Jesus gives him a great gift—the Bible verse John 3:16. If you think of the great gifts you have gotten, you probably wouldn’t think of some words. But Nicodemus didn’t know how to live his life, and Jesus explained the gift of God’s love. This is the same gift that god gives you.

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First Sunday in Lent—March 13, 2011

Preacher: Pastor Jeff Lilley
Summary: Lots of people were scared by Friday’s tsunami. In today’s Gospel, Jesus was tempted by the devil, but he always remembered God’s word and knew that God was with him. So he wasn’t afraid of the devil. If we remember that God is always with us, we don’t ever have to be afraid.

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