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From Pastor Jeff—500 Years of Grace

Luther and the Holy City—A Changed Perspective

As a friar, Martin Luther was expected to submit to the discipline of his Observant Augustinian order. But not only was there friction within his own house, the greater Augustinian Order was struggling as observant and more lax houses within the order argued about various subjects. Following a convocation in 1501, Johann Von Staupitz, the vicar general of Germany, ordered that all the Augustinian houses be joined under one central administration. But the Black Cloister in Efurt decided to exercise their right of appeal and chose Martin Luther and another brother to travel to Rome to make their case with the general of the order.

500th anniversary graphicLuther, like many of his contemporaries, was star struck to have this rare opportunity to travel to the very seat of the Christian Faith. Rome was the Holy City, home of saints and angels and repository of thousands of holy relics. But the journey must have been difficult to say the least. Luther and his companion walked the entire distance from Erfurt to Rome, a journey over 800 miles, on foot. Travel by foot was dangerous at any time due to robbers and thieves, but Luther also crossed some truly treacherous ground along the way including the Alps! The travelers stayed in the houses of fellow monks who fed and provided for them, but Luther was disturbed by the lax morals and discipline he observed. Finally, they arrived in Rome and he was nearly overwhelmed at the sight of it. In his book “Luther the Reformer,” James Kittelson writes,

There were countless acts of devotion one could do to benefit one’s own soul and those of many others, both living and deceased. Just by crawling up the Sancta Scala (the steps Jesus climbed on his way to trial before Pilate that had been magically transported to Rome by angels) on his knees, Luther could free one of his loved ones from purgatory. He later said that the first sight of the holy city caused him to “throw myself on the ground and say: ‘How blessed are you Holy Rome!’”

It did not take Luther long to become dis-enamored of Rome. While Luther did everything a pilgrim was expected to do, including saying mass at the holy altar, climbing the steps of woe on his knees, and praying before the many relics, he also began to see through the curtain drawn so tightly over the eyes of the faithful. There were so many forefingers of St. Peter to be prayed over in Rome that poor saint must have been an octopus indeed. How could the payment of a poor widow’s last dime for an indulgence convey more mercy that Christ himself? He was further struck by the extravagant lifestyle and questionable morality of some of Rome’s priests and vicars. While most faithful saw Rome as the Holy See, others thought of it as an “utter cesspool.” (It literally was; even the pope spent considerable time outside of the city due to horribly unclean conditions and rampant disease.)

Luther left Rome disillusioned and troubled. He had gone to make his case for his cloister with officials in Rome, but in the end, the general of the order refused to hear their case. Luther and his companion found themselves back on the road to bear unwelcome news to their brethren and ponder what they experienced in Rome

Although Luther was deeply aware that the shocking behavior and lack of morals of the priests and officials they encountered in Rome did not besmirch the underlying purity of the church or the Gospel, it seemed to raise in him some doubt as to the extent of the authority of Rome, and therefore the Pope. He had seen the very human side of a spiritual institution and was left to reconcile what he had always held dear with what his own eyes had witnessed. In later lectures, Luther would ridicule the institutionalized and commercialized “business” of religious Rome and bring derision on the sanctity of the many relics purported to convey spiritual power.

On his return to Erfurt, he urged his fellow monks to submit to Von Staupitz’s authority, and was promptly invited to move away from Erfurt to Wittenberg. For years afterward, the Erfurt monks would revile his name, but Luther’s course was set as he embarked on a new life in “dreadful Wittenberg.”

Committee/Interest Group Chairs

Committee/Group Leader
Archive: Jim Cartwright
Concert: Scott Fikse
Communications: Carol Langner
Community Life: Larry Anderson
& Wayne Gau
Council: Craig Clissold
Fellowship: Jeanne Castello
& Mary-Jo Estes
Finance: Steve Miller
Financial Review: Dori Palcovich
Food for Thought: Kathryn Klingebiel
In Stitches: Linda Miller
& Stephanie Luuloa
Lay Ministers: Carolyn Koehler
Learning Ministry: Fred Benco
Mary Magdalene Society: James Cartwright
Process Theology: Fritz Fritschel
& Carol Langner
Property: Jean-Paul Klingebiel
& Greg Gebhardt
Scholarship: Fred Benco
Social Ministry: Jean Lilley
Stewardship: Pam Buckley
Sunday School: Laurie Leach
Worship & Music: Roy Helms
& Randy Castello
Writers’ Workshop: Kathryn Klingebiel
Youth: Pr. Jeff Lilley

Book of Faith graphicBook of Faith Bible Study

Thursdays, 10:00–11:30 am • LCH Boardroom

The Book of Faith Bible Study meets on Thursday mornings in the Boardroom. All are welcome to join this lively discussion of the Biblical texts, relevant current events, and historical foundations. Please come for lively engaging fellowship and discussion!

Confirmation Preparation Classes

Thursdays, 6:15 pm • LCH Rainbow Room

Confirmation is voluntary for youth, grades 6 and up, who would like to confirm their faith. At baptism we promise to “place in (your child’s) hands the Holy Scripture and provide for their education in the Christian Faith.” In confirmation class we study scripture, the Reformation, and Christian history, but we are more interested in helping young people develop as persons of faith.

For more information, please contact Pastor Jeff.

Angel Network In-Gathering

Sunday, November 5

On the first Sunday of each month, an in-gathering of food and personal items is collected at LCH for Angel Network, a ministry based out of Calvary-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church. The items are taken to Angel Network during the following week. Over 2,500 individuals are served monthly through this program. We are grateful for your generosity and support.

Adult Education

The Role of the Prophet in the New Testament Church

We are familiar with the prophets of the Old Testament, but did you know that the prophet was an order of ministry in the first century Christian church? Wayne Gau will lead a discussion on the topic on November 5 and 12. All are welcome.

Sunday School News

Sunday School 9:20–10:20 am

Hebrew temple graphicLCH offers Sunday school for children from kindergarten through senior high. The older children (grades 6–12) meet in the Rainbow room. The younger children (grades k–5) meet in the Godly Play room. All are welcome!

Below is the schedule of Godly Play stories for November:

  • 11/5—The Ark and the Tent
  • 11/12—The Ark and the Temple
  • 11/19—The Exile and Return
  • 11/26—Jonah, the Backward Prophet

meeting graphicLeadership Roundtable

Sunday, November 5, 11:45 am • LCH Boardroom

Committee chairs and team leaders, please plan to gather for a short (45 minute) meeting. This is an opportunity for us to sit down together and share information on what is happening with all the ministries at LCH. If you are a committee or team leader, please be prepared to share a little information on your activities with the group. Mahalo and see you there!

praying hands graphicCompline

Sundays, November 5 and 19, 7:30 pm

Join us on the first and third Sunday of each month for Compline, led a cappella by the LCH Men’s Schola. This is a peaceful experience of rejuvenation and prayer.

Office Closed for Veterans’ Day

Friday, November 10

Process Forum—Exploring Mysticism (Part 2)

Saturday, November 11, 9:30 am • LCH Boardroom

During the September meeting, we discussed an article about mysticism from the Jesus, Jazz, and Buddhism website. We turn this month to poetry by mystics whose words will provide material for more in-depth discussion. Poets include Silesius, Rumi, Hafiz, and others.

All are invited to come be part of this group and bring a poem if you’d like to share. Please note that we will move our meeting back to our regular schedule—the second Saturday of the month.

Please join us.

New Member Inquiry Class

Beginning Sunday November 12, 9:15 am • Pastor’s Office

Are you interested in learning more about the Lutheran faith? Are you interested in learning more about becoming a member of Lutheran Church of Honolulu? Join Pastor Jeff for a series of fun and informal classes beginning November 12 and running through Sunday, December 3. We will learn about the faith, discuss your questions, get to know one another, and share some laughs. Please let Pastor Jeff know if you would like to attend.

Writers’ Workshop

pencils graphicNovember 13 at 4:30 pm • Boardroom

Writers’ Workshop will meet next on November 13 at 4:30 pm in the LCH Boardroom, with possible plans for one final meeting this year on December 18. For more information contact the LCH office at 808-941-2566.

IHS logoIHS Meals Prepared and Served

Friday, November 17, 1:30 pm prep/5:30 pm serve

For over 25 years, LCH has shopped for, prepared, and served a special dinner on the third Friday of each month for over 300 of Honolulu’s homeless. The cost is underwritten by the LCH budget and by a grant from the German Benevolent Society of Hawai‘i. Shoppers, cooks, and servers are needed each month. To learn more about the Institute for Human Services, visit their website at Contact the LCH office or speak to Jimmy Castro for more information.

First Half of the Annual Meeting

November 19 • 9:15 am

Each year congregational members gather as a community to tend to important matters of business and ministry. These include nominating leadership, passing a budget, receiving reports, and discussing our missional objectives. At LCH, we divide our annual meeting into two halves. In November we will nominate Congregational Council members to take office January, review the draft budget, and conduct any other business that might need to be transacted. In January the main business is to elect Council members and approve a final budget for the new year. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings, but only members in good standing may vote. Please plan to attend!

books graphicWomen’s Book Club

Book club will meet at the Murashige’s on Monday, November 20th. The title of the book for November is Hillbilly Elegy. All are welcome.

pies graphicAnnual Thanksgiving Eve Service and Pie Potluck

Wednesday, November 22 • 7:00 pm

LCH will once again host the Parish St. Clement Episcopal church for our annual Thanksgiving Eve service. St. Clement’s new Rector, the Rev. Heather Hill, will preach at the worship service. Following the service, we join with our friends in the pie feast! Please bring a pie to share. Pie sign-ups will be available November 5.

Office Closed for Thanksgiving

Thursday & Friday, November 23 & 24

Thanksgiving at LCH

turkey dinner graphicYou are most welcome to join your LCH ‘ohana for Thanksgiving potluck on Thursday November 23rd at 4:00 pm. Turkey, ham, and fresh baked rolls will be provided along with beverages and wine. You are invited to bring your favorite hot dish, side dish, or desert in quantities great enough to share. Please sign up on the clipboard beginning November 5. You are welcome to bring friends, neighbors, or folks you find in the streets. Just let us know how many you are planning to bring so we have enough food!

One Pot, One Hope

Saturday, October 28, 9:30 am

Please note the new time. A consistent group of LCH volunteers helps feed 100 to 125 people each month in Wai‘anae. Help support this mission outreach project by participating or by bringing donations of designated items—Costco gallon-sized cans of chili, fresh fruit, granola bars, bottled water, recycled grocery bags, and large cardboard boxes—or checks, payable to “One Pot, One Hope.” Bring donated items to church on the third Sunday of the month. See Peggy Anderson for more information, including volunteering and carpool (earlier, 8:30 am, because of new time).

The Starks in Concert

November 26 at 6:00 pm

Georgine and Darel Stark and their friends present a chamber music concert Sunday evening, November 26, in the LCH Nave. Enjoy the Ardente Trio (Darel Stark, violin; Pauline Bai, cello; and Sachi P. Hirakouji, piano) and Georgine Stark, soprano, in a program of music by Schubert, Greig, Handel, and Darel Stark. Tickets are $20 ($10 for students) and will be available at the door.

food for thought graphicFood for Thought

The next meeting of Food for Thought is planned for December 2. Check the LCH Calendar, HeartBeat, and LCHNews for information or call the LCH office at 808-941-2566.

Hörmann Family Trust Donates Generous Legacy

The Hörmann Family Trust has donated to Lutheran Church of Honolulu a legacy gift from the estate of Irmgard Hörmann in the amount of $100,000. The unrestricted gift is a wonderful investment in the mission and ministry of our congregation that continues a long history of service by the Hörmanns. Rev. Hörmann served as Pastor of LCH from 1916 through 1948, together with his wonderful spouse “Mutti.” Throughout these difficult years, Pastor H. also commuted to Līhu‘e Lutheran on Kaua‘i following the death of their pastor. Their daughter Irmgard Hörmann was a tireless volunteer, storyteller, caregiver, and ever-present angel in the lives of many in Honolulu and around the world. Her long and colorful life made a remarkable difference for thousands of people with her founding and support of Meals on Wheels, her work with Friends of the Library, her vocation as a librarian and nurturer of young minds, and her care for her many family members. We are grateful to the Hörmann family for their generous gift, and we thank them for all they do for our congregation and Hawai‘i.

Thanks from Scott for Concert Help

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the many volunteers who combined efforts to make our Reformation 500 concerts so successful. This congregation is lucky to have so many helping hands, and our ministry would not be what is without the efforts of dedicated volunteers. Please take a moment to offer a word of thanks to a choir member, baker, pew-mover, or any of the other hard-working folks who helped out. Mahalo nui loa!

Photos from Reformation 500 Celebrations

The congregation at the Reformation 500 Ecumenical ServiceDr. David Lose preaching at the Reformation 500 Ecumenical Service

Lutherans joined with our ecumenical partners to celebrate the Reformation on Sunday, October 15, at the Cathedral of St. Andrew.

Dr. David Lose (above) preached, and musicians from several churches provide the music under the direction of Todd Behckham (St. Andrew’s), Tim Carney (St. John) and Scott Fiske (LCH). For the anthem (above right), they were joined by a brass quartet.

The congregation included clergy from a wide variety of faith traditions.

Click on any photo for a larger view.

The brass quartet and mass choir at the Reformation 500 Ecumenical Service

The Great David levitates a table at LutherFestChoir, visiting brass, soloists and strings perform a Schütz piece during the Saturday concert.

On October 21 and 22, our musicians presented to wonderful concerts celebrating the Reformation at LCH (above left).

LutherFest participants enjoyed great food, a green jello contest (left), entertainment by The Great Davidio (above right), and musicial selection by members of the congregation.

Click on any photo for a larger view.

Entries in the green jello contest at LutherFest

Give Aloha logoGive Aloha Results Are In!

Thanks to all who participated in this year’s Give Aloha, Foodland’s Annual Community Matching Gifts Program. Customer donations for LCH totaled $3,937.00, generating matching gifts of $831.17 from Foodland. That’s a grand total of $4,768.17! Mahalo for your generosity.

An Easy Way to Donate

Amazon Smiles logoDid you know you can donate to Lutheran Church of Honolulu while shopping without spending any extra money? Shop at and increase donations to Lutheran Church of Honolulu! Any Amazon purchase can be made through LCH’s unique charity-link, which will take you directly to in support of LCH. Just type this URL in your browser and start shopping:

Electronic Funds Transfers for September
Offering Fund Amount Offering Fund Amount
Offering $4,964 Capital Improvements $110
Music Fund/Instruments $210 Wounded Warriors $120
Shallow Subsidy $70
Attendance and Offerings for October
Date Worship Service Attendance Offering Fund Amount
October 1 8:00 am Service NA Offering $627
10:30 am Service 72 Sunday School Offerings $2
Compline 31 Altar Flowers $120
Shallow Subsidy $150
Hurricane Funds $600
Emergency Loan fund $150
October 8 8:00 am Service 42 Offering $727
10:30 am Service 74 Sunday School Offerings $2
Total 116 Social Ministries $61
Hurricane Relief $25
Altar Flowers $400
Angel Network $10
Music Ministry $20
October 15   8:00 am Service 40 Offering $1,060
10:30 am Service 81 Sunday School Offering $2
Compline 19 Shallow Subsidy $50
Total 147 Wounded Warriors $50
Military Care Packages $50
Music Fund $1,510
October 22 8:00 am Service 42 Offering $968
10:30 am Service 65 Music Endowment Fund $1,302
Total 107 /td>
October 29 9:30 am Service 120 Offering $5,412
Sunday School Offerings $2
Music Fund $940
Hurricane Relief $25
Pew Chair Fund $745
Social Ministries $62
Hurricane Relief $25

HeartBeat Deadline

Tuesday, November 21, 9:00 am

Prayer Requests

Amanda, Dainan and Romney, Dot, Foua, James C., Jennifer,
Karen, Keahi Y., Kim K., Kim V., Kirsten, Lee M., Marc V.,
Mark S., Micki S., Sara, Shirley, Swede, Vonia

November Birthdays
11/01 Beverly Kaeo
11/06 Pam Buckley
11/08 Jonathan Kaeo
11/12 Edward Ichikawa
11/13 Richard Cook
11/14 Mary Fastenau
11/15 Mel Siebert
11/18 Stephen Crosier
11/21 Justin Kaeo
11/22 Brysen Kaeo
11/22 Kainani Iara N.
11/23 Fritz Fritschel
November birth flower: chrysantemum

LCH Worship Participants
Holy Communion (8:00 am)
DATE November 5 November 12 October 19 November 26
Christ the King
LECTOR April Smith Jim Sullivan Jimmy Castro Cindy Scheinert
ASSISTING MINISTER Amanda Lippert Peggy Anderson Laurie Leach Bobby Broyles
Sophia S.
Don Johnson
Wayne Gau
Phyllis Hormann
Kyra Takamiya
Sheena Lim-Urban
Sophia S.
Amanda Lippert
Wayne Gau
Kyra Takamiya
Sheena Lim-Urban
Tim Freson
LAYING ON HANDS   Stephanie Luuloa    
ACOLYTE Raphael S. Hunter N. Raphael S. Dylan D.
USHERS Fred Benco
Billie Jean Ries
Dylan DePretto
  COUNCIL IN CHARGE Randy Castello  
Choral Eucharist (10:30 am)
DATE November 5 November 12 October 19 November 26
Christ the King
LECTOR Aaron Gould Angie Niermann Karen Barber Peggy Brandt
DEACON Frank Haas Shy Healey Mary Fastenau Jeanne Castello
SUB-DEACON Marcus Fikse Josie Bidgood David Barber Teresa McCreary
Sue Haas
Bob Tellander
Chuck Pearson
Randy Christensen
Bob Tellander
Randy Christensen
Shy Healey
Frank Haas
LAYING ON HANDS   John Bickel    
Scarlett S.
Lillie J.
Coco J.
Rebecca L.
Scarlett S.
Rebecca L.
Mary Fastenau
USHERS Peter Flachsbart
Bill Fay
Chuck Huxel
Chuck Pearson
Josie Bidgood
Stephanie Luuloaa
Sheena Lim-Urban
Lois Watanabe
Juditha Murashige

Calendar: October 2017
Day Date Event and Time
Thursday November 2 10:00 am, Book of Faith Bible Study
6:15 pm, Confirmation Class
7:00 pm, LCH Choir Rehearsal
Sunday November 5 Angel Network In-Gathering
All Saints Sunday
8:00 am, Holy Communion
9:20 am, Sunday School/Adult Forum
10:30 am, Choral Eucharist
11:45 am, Leadership Roundtable
7:30 pm, Compline
Tuesday November 7 2:30 pm, Holoholo Pickup
6:00 pm, Early Worship Ensemble Rehearsal
Wednesday November 8 12:30 pm, Finance Committee Meeting
Thursday November 9 10:00 am, Book of Faith Bible Study
6:15 pm, Confirmation Class
7:00 pm, LCH Choir Rehearsal
Friday November 10 OFFICE CLOSED—Veterans’ Day
Saturday November 11 9:30 am, Process Thought Forum
7:30 pm, EMH Concert
Sunday November 12 8:00 am, Holy Communion
9:15 am, New Member Inquiry Class
9:20 am, Sunday School/Adult Forum
10:30 am, Choral Eucharist
Monday November 13 4:30 pm, Writers’ Workshop
6:00 pm, Early Worship Ensemble Rehearsal
6:00 pm, Worship & Music Mtg
Thursday November 16 10:00 am, Book of Faith Bible Study
6:15 pm, Confirmation Class
7:00 pm, LCH Choir Rehearsal
Friday November 17 1:00 pm, IHS Meals Prepared
5:30 pm, IHS Meals Served
Sunday November 19 8:00 am, Holy Communion
9:15 am, 1st Half Annual Meeting
9:15 am, New Member Inquiry Class
9:20 am, Sunday School/Adult Forum
10:30 am, Choral Eucharist
5:00 pm, Joint Evensong (St. Andrew’s Cathedral)
7:30 pm, Compline
Monday November 20 10:00 am, LCH Women’s Book Club
6:00 pm, Early Worship Ensemble Rehearsal
Tuesday November 21 Heartbeat Deadline!
2:30 pm, Holoholo Pickup
6:30 pm, Council Meeting
Wednesday November 22 7:00 pm, Joint Thanksgiving Eve Service
Thursday November 23 OFFICE CLOSED—Thanksgiving
4:00 pm, Thanksgiving Potluck
Friday November 24 OFFICE CLOSED—Thanksgiving Holiday
Saturday November 25 9:30 am, One Pot One Hope
Sunday November 26 8:00 am, Holy Communion
9:15 am, New Member Inquiry Class
9:20 am, Sunday School/Adult Forum
10:30 am, Choral Eucharist
6:00 pm, Chamber Music Concert
Monday November 27 6:00 pm, Early Worship Ensemble Rehearsal
7:00 pm, LCH Choir Rehearsal
Thursday November 30 10:00 am, Book of Faith Bible Study
2:30 pm, Weekly Staff Meeting
6:15 pm, Confirmation Class
7:00 pm, LCH Choir Rehearsal