Easter Sunday

Members and friends gather for a joyful celebration Easter Sunday morning.

Between two festive worship services at 8:00 and 10:30 am, the younger children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt, and everyone enjoyed a bountiful potluck brunch.

Great Vigil of Easter

The last part of the Great Three Days (Triduum) began with the congregation gathered in the Hörmann Courtyard for the kindling of the new fire and the lighting of the Pascal Candle.

Members of the congregation lit their candles the flame passed from the Pascal Candle and listened to the Exsultet. The service continued with the retelling of salvation history through lessons from the Hebrew Scriptures, the renewal of baptismal vows, and the Litany of the Saints.

Following the litany, the ministers returned to the courtyard in white Easter vestments and let the congregation into the Nave as the choir sang the Kyrie. The Vigil continues with the joyous Easter proclamation and holy communion.

Following worship, the congregation returned to the Courtyard to break their Lenten fast with a sweet feast of champagne, strawberries, and cookes.

Good Friday

The observance of the Three Great Days (Triduum) continued with the Good Friday Liturgy. Members gathered to hear the Passion Gospel and venerate the cross.

“The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to John” was sung in a setting by Zachary Wadsworth. Benjamin Leonid sang the part of the Evangelist, Simon Crookall sang Jesus, and Logan Webber sang Pilate; the choir took the part of the crowd.

The Passion was followed by the Solemn Collects and the the Adoration of the Crucified.

The Triduum concludes with the Easter Vigil Saturday evening at 7:30 pm.

Maundy Thursday

Our celebration of the Triduum—The Three Great Days—began on Maundy Thursday on March 29. Members gathered to hear again the story of the Last Supper, when Jesus met with his disciples in the Upper Room before being handed over to suffer and die for us.

The Gospel of John recounts how after supper, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and gave them a new commandment (Latin, mandatum, from which we get the word “Maundy”): ”Love one another.” In response, members of the congregation washed each other’s feet in the Maundy ritual.

The Maundy was followed by Holy Communion, in remembrance that Jesus instituted the sacrament in the Last Supper.

The liturgy concluded with the stripping of the altar, as Jesus was stripped before being crucified.